1. What’s for breakfast today?

A bowl of cereal with milk, topped with some fruits like blueberries or strawberries on the side.

2. Reasons for your choice of breakfast?

It is easy to prepare in the morning and also very nutritious. It also keeps me full enough to last till my late lunch time at around 3pm.

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3. What do you usually take for lunch and dinner, and why?

I normally try to have an early lunch and then another light snack before training in the evening starts. Lunch is usually heavier than most meals with anything ranging from chicken chop with pasta or yong tau foo and then some bananas and almonds before training. Dinner usually goes home-cooked or whatever is convenient but definitely not as heavy as my lunch orders.

4. Any food or beverages you don’t consume?

I am not a fussy eater so there isn’t really particular food or beverages I don’t consume. My diet is not too strict because rugby is a sport that really consumes my energy.

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5. Let us in on that must-have cheat snack everyday?

Sour strips and gummies! I always get tempted to get a packet of pick & mix from the 7-11 stores whenever I walk past one.

6. Your professional tips for an athlete’s diet?

Eating in moderation is the important factor. You can have your fast food, sweet desserts and fizzy drinks and yet keep in shape. Just remember that it shouldn’t be your go-to food all the time. Having some here and there is good.

By Kelvin Leong