White Chocolate vs. Dark Chocolate: Which Is Surprisingly Better For Workouts?

  • Everybody Loves Chocolate
    1 / 3 Everybody Loves Chocolate

    Let’s be honest, everyone loves chocolate. How could you not? It’s sweet, it’s delicious, and it makes you stronger.

    That’s right — chocolate can boost your workout and make you stronger. According to a study done by researchers at Kingston University in England, consuming chocolate resulted in a higher performance during workouts.

    For quite some time, chocolate has been thought to aid in better performance during workouts, with studies showing that small amounts may have benefits for your body. 

    However, most of us have doubted the potential of chocolate because it can cause weight gain (undoubtedly) and is ‘detrimental’ for our health.

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  • The Experiment
    2 / 3 The Experiment

    The new study, which was published in The Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition in December 2015, disagreed. It recruited nine “moderately-trained male participants” who agreed to consume 40 grams (about half of a Cadbury bar) of chocolate for science’s sake. 

    Half took home dark chocolate, while the other half got white chocolate, as a control. Before going home, they tested their fitness and oxygen uptake on a stationary bicycle.

    After two weeks of indulging in chocolate daily, the cyclists repeated the tests. For more accurate results, each group was provided with a different type of chocolate they had not taken previously, for another two weeks.

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  • Moderate Amounts
    3 / 3 Moderate Amounts

    The results? Dark chocolate helped utilise less oxygen to cycle, which allowed the cyclists to go for longer distances. They covered more distance during a two-minute all out cycle, which meant that their sprinting ability had been enhanced, according to a report in The New York Times. 

    Although dark chocolate can make us run faster, don’t be overexcited to shove that whole bar down your throat. Rishikesh Kankesh Patel, a graduate student who led this study, advises that “more than 40 grams is unlikely to be helpful”. 

    But hey, go ahead and take a bite off that juicy brown bar. You deserved it.

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