Bacon: 7 Best Ways To Enjoy It

  • Build A Better Breakfast
    1 / 7 Build A Better Breakfast

    A side of bacon with eggs is a great way to start the day, but what about bacon wrapped around eggs, bell pepper, chicken, and spinach—all baked into portable breakfast bites and topped with avocado. Oh yeah, now we’re freakin’ talking.

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  • Pump Up Your Chilli
    2 / 7 Pump Up Your Chilli

    There are plenty of ways to add depth and complexity to your secret chilli recipe—chocolatebeer, smoked paprika, beans—but none are quite as tasty to bite into a cache of than thick-cut, cubed bacon.

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  • Make Salad Taste Good
    3 / 7 Make Salad Taste Good

    Screw croutons. Bacon is the ultimate crunchy topping for a salad and there’s no way to experience it better than by combining it with pumpkin seeds, mangos, avocados, and a crumbly Mexican cheese called queso fresco.

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  • Supplement Your Steak Sauce
    4 / 7 Supplement Your Steak Sauce

    Maybe you don’t need oysters, bacon, white wine, butter, and BBQ sauce to make your steaks taste incredible. Or maybe you do. That decision, fellow carnivore, is entirely up to you. 

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  • Eat It With Watermelon
    5 / 7 Eat It With Watermelon

    Okay, yeah, this ones a little strange, but we swear that watermelon and bacon play really well together.

    Think about it: Watermelon is just the right amount of sweet and bacon is just the right amount of salty. Do you like chocolate-covered pretzels? Hell yeah, you do. Same principle, healthier combo.

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  • Make It Yourself!
    6 / 7 Make It Yourself!

    Yes, you can make your own bacon. And the process isn’t all that complicated, really. All you need is a good butcher, a little patience, and enough of an appetite to handle having a few pounds of the stuff sitting around the house. You can take care of that last part, right?

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  • Indulge In Dessert
    7 / 7 Indulge In Dessert

    Ice cream and bacon? You have no idea. Your life can’t go on without it!

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