5 Bulk-Up Meal Recipes For Building Muscle Post-workout

  • Beef Shepherd’s Pie
    1 / 5 Beef Shepherd’s Pie

    For adding brawn, the potato may be your greatest ally, according to a Harvard University study. It showed that the spud was the top food to cause weight gain among the evaluated subjects.

    Each pie uses about 175g of mashed potato, which gives 162 Calories, 38g carbohydrate and 4.5g protein. Potatoes also contain vitamins C and B6, which assist in the healing of wounds and keeping a healthy immune system.

    100g Red onion
    ½ tsp Black pepper
    1 tbsp Cooking oil
    1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
    300g Ground beef
    125g Mixed frozen vegetables
    ½ tsp Salt
    2 Potatoes (350g)

    Make the filling
    Chop onions finely.
    Heat oil in saucepan over medium heat.
    Add ground beef, salt, pepper and Worcestershire sauce, and cook for 10 minutes, until meat is cooked and onion softened.
    Add frozen vegetables and cook for 2 more minutes, adding a little water if mixture becomes too dry.

    Make the pie
    1. Pierce potatoes with fork, then microwave them for 3 minutes, until fully cooked. Rinse potatoes in running water to cool before peeling. In bowl, mash potatoes with cooking oil using fork or masher, until mix becomes smooth.

    2. Using 15cm pie dish, fill with half of prepared filling (recipe will allow you to fill two 15cm pie dishes). Leave 1/2cm to 1cm space for crust. Spoon mashed potato evenly on top, covering whole surface of pie.

    3. Preheat oven to 200 deg C and bake pie for about 20 minutes until a light to golden brown crust forms on top. Remove from oven and serve.

    Makes 2 pies, or 4 servings.

    Per Serving: 420 calories, 38g carbohydrate, 26g protein, 18g fat, 1g fibre, 1.2g sodium

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  • Chicken Thigh Rice
    2 / 5 Chicken Thigh Rice

    To bulk up, you need to consume more calories. Chicken thigh, which is higher in calories (293 versus 231 for chicken breast), may be your ally.

    It also has more than twice the amount of zinc found in chicken breast (3.5mg versus 1.5mg). This mineral helps to boost your testosterone levels, which in turn promote muscle growth and recovery.

    2 cups Rice, uncooked (300g)
    3 tbsp Hainanese chicken rice paste (290 calories, 6.4g carbs, 2.2g protein, 3.9g fat, 1.2mg sodium)
    3 cups Water
    80g Cucumber
    80g Tomato
    2 tbsp Chicken rice chilli sauce
    100g Chicken thigh

    1. Wash rice grains and drain water. In rice cooker, add rice, chicken rice paste and water. Stir mixture until combined. Cover pot and flip “cook” switch on. Rice will take about 20 minutes to cook. Fluff rice gently with spatula.

    2. Heat the non-stick frying pan over medium heat. Place the chicken thigh with skin side down and cook for 3 to 4 minutes, periodically pressing it on pan with spatula until skin is golden brown. Flip it and cook flesh side for 3 to 4 minutes, pressing down on any visibly uncooked parts. Remove from heat and set aside to cool. Then slice chicken meat into strips.

    3. Slice cucumber and tomato into thin strips. 4. On plate, assemble dish by placing . of rice, chicken, cucumber and tomato. Serve with side of chicken rice chilli sauce. Makes 4 servings.

    Per Serving: 280 calories, 37g carbohydrate, 9g protein, 4g fat, 440mg sodium, 2g fibre

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  • Mussel Linguine
    3 / 5 Mussel Linguine

    Do not banish carbohydrate from your diet if you want to grow. Research shows that you will rebuild muscle faster on your rest days if you feed your body with it.

    “Post-workout meals with carbs increase your insulin levels, which in turn slow the rate of protein breakdown,” says Doug Kalman, director of nutrition at Miami Research Associates. A great source of carbs: pasta.

    250g linguine
    1 tbsp olive oil
    2 tsp onion, chopped
    ½ red chilli, chopped
    100g mussels
    60g fresh parsley, chopped
    2 egg yolks
    2 tbsp cream
    Salt and black pepper

    1. Cook linguine according to packet instructions till it’s al dente. While pasta is being cooked, get started on sauce.

    2. In large frying pan, heat olive oil over medium heat. Fry onion and chilli till softened. Next, add mussels and half of parsley. Toss until mussels are coated well.

    3. Beat egg yolks and cream, and set aside. Drain pasta, reserving about half a cup of starchy pasta water. Add pasta to pan with mussels and toss well. Add egg yolks and cream mixture. Next, add as needed, little by little, reserved pasta water until sauce becomes desired consistency. Top with rest of parsley. Season with salt and black pepper.

    Makes 4 servings.

    Per Serving: 393 calories, 50g carbohydrate, 25g protein, 15g fat, 2g fibre, 800mg sodium

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  • Beef & Potatoes Barbecue Skewer
    4 / 5 Beef & Potatoes Barbecue Skewer

    Adding carbs to beef up the protein party in the form of baby potatoes helps to fill your muscles with glycogen. We’ve also included mushrooms, which studies at the Beckman Research Institute in the US found helped to increase the amount of testosterone your body produces. That’s why you’ll also find mushroom extracts in various muscle-building supplements.

    6 shallots
    1 tsp salt
    ½ tsp pepper
    4 cloves garlic
    500g eye-round beef steak
    20 small button mushrooms
    400g new potatoes
    3 tbsp balsamic vinegar
    1 green pepper
    1 tbsp mustard
    2 tsp capers
    1 tbsp olive oil

    1. Trim fat from meat and chop into bite-size chunks. Peel shallots and slice them in half. Wipe mushrooms with paper towel and slice off ends of stalks.

    2. Par-boil spuds in salted water over high heat for 8 minutes. Or pierce potatoes with fork and microwave on high for two minutes.

    3. Combine balsamic vinegar, green pepper, mustard, capers, olive oil, salt and pepper into small bowl. Peel and chop four garlic cloves and add to your marinade.

    4. Thread skewers by alternating meat, then shallots, potato, garlic and green pepper. Now, lay loaded skewers onto tray and drizzle marinade over until all sides are coated. Leave to rest for at least 30 minutes.

    5. Light grill and give it five minutes to heat up if it’s gas, or at least 15 minutes if you’re using charcoal. Lay kebabs on grill and give them three minutes per side. The four turns required mean you’re going to have to stay close to the grill.

    Per Serving: 529 calories, 41g carbohydrate, 34g protein, 22g fat, 3g fibre, 800mg sodium

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  • Chicken Pizza
    5 / 5 Chicken Pizza

    When bulking up, you should increase your protein intake to 3g per kilo of body weight (225g a day if you weight 75kg), says Hugo Rivera, the author of The Body Sculpting Bible for Men.

    Fuelling your workouts takes 3g to 4g of carbs per kilo, so the pizza base helps to prevent a personal energy crisis. “Carbs help to shift bulk building amino acids from protein to muscles,” he says.

    1 Frozen wholemeal pizza crust
    Cooked chicken breast
    1 clove Garlic
    50g Button mushrooms
    50g Green beans
    1 tbsp Pesto
    30g Mozzarella cheese, shredded
    ¼tsp Cracked black pepper
    5g Fresh basil leaves

    1. Preheat oven to 180 deg C. Place pizza crust on baking pan to thaw. Cut or shred chicken into small pieces. Slice garlic and button mushrooms thinly. Then de-vein green beans.

    2. Spread pesto evenly on topside of pizza crust, followed by half the Mozzarella cheese. Add chicken breast, garlic, green beans, mushrooms, black pepper and remaining cheese.

    3. Cook in oven for 20 minutes, until cheese topping turns light to golden brown. Remove from oven, top with fresh basil. Serve.

    Per serving: 610 calories, 60g carbohydrate, 33g protein, 29g fat, 10g fibre, 950mg sodium

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