4 Carbs That Are Better For You Than You Thought

  • 1) Energy Drinks
    1 / 4 1) Energy Drinks
    If you often fuel your day with a hit of fluoro fizz, you might not realise that your can of pep is also packed with nearly 30g of carbs, matching half a large portion of fries. The only wings it will give you are of the bingo variety.
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  • 2) Air-Popped Popcorn
    2 / 4 2) Air-Popped Popcorn
    This movie munchie is a notorious diet saboteur. But skip the slathers of butter and you have a healthy snack. Nutrition Journal found it boosts satiety, plus three cups pack the same calorie count as just nine potato crisps.
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  • 3) Mango
    3 / 4 3) Mango
    Swop your apple a day for a slice of this tropical fruit and don’t fret about the sugar hit. Oklahoma State University in the US found mango is effective in balancing blood glucose, while also helping to reduce your percentage of body fat.
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  • 4) Brown Bread
    4 / 4 4) Brown Bread
    Think that just because your slice is brown you can get away with toast for breakfast and a BLT at lunch? Harvard University rates brown and white bread as equals on the glycaemic index. It’s just as likely to cause fat gain.
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