By The Editors Of Men’s Health

You don’t need to have the Kama Sutra memorized to make her orgasm during sex.

In fact, you don’t need to be very creative at all.

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We surveyed almost 500 Women’s Health readers about the sex positions that bring them to climax most often, and the top 3 were tried-and-true moves you’re probably familiar with: cowgirl or woman on top (35%), doggy style (25%), and missionary or man on top (23%).

Reverse cowgirl (woman on top, facing away) and spooning each brought in only 5% of the vote, and rear-entry brought up the, er, rear with 4%.

So, without further ado, here’s why the cowgirl, doggy style, and missionary are most women’s go-to pleasure positions.

1. Cowgirl

Why it works for her: It puts her in control. She can take charge of the pace and depth of penetration, mixing it up between shallow and deep thrusts.

The variety helps to stimulate the front third of her vagina, which is the most sensitive.

2. Doggy Style

Why it works for her: Penetration from behind allows the tip of your penis to touch her cervix, which is covered in nerve endings. Thrust slowly and gently.

3. Missionary

Why it works for her: It’s intimate: You can look each other in the eyes and maximize skin-to-skin contact. She’ll also enjoy the friction of your pelvis on her clitoris.

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