Singaporean Men and Women Share What Works On Tinder

  • Does Going Shirtless Work?
    1 / 9 Does Going Shirtless Work?

    A thread on Reddit started by TheCoolWizardOrNot asks: “Anyone who had success with tinder in Singapore”?

    He got the following reply from the_rumblebee. “A lot of guys think that landing matches on Tinder boils down to yandao-ness. This is a common misconception. While yes, Tinder is the most superficial dating app because we are judging each other based on pictures, girls are not looking so much for shuai guys as they are for zai guys.

    A lot of girls told me they actually hate guys who use selfies and mirror pics. Shirtless? Instant swipe left.

    What girls swipe right for is your perceived lifestyle. Picture of you petting a dog? Awesome, he’s a caring person who loves animals. Swipe right.

    Picture of you in a suit drinking wine in a social setting? Awesome, he’s sociable and a dapper gentleman who probably has a real and successful job.

    Swipe right. Picture of you skydiving or scuba diving? ..these actually don’t do too well because your face tends to be covered. But if you can show a sporty lifestyle, that tends to do quite well too.

    tl;dr: don’t think about showing what you look like: think about showing the kind of lifestyle that girls find attractive. Slap a funny profile message in there and watch the likes roll in.”

    But user Ilosa warns: “Be careful with the suit pictures. Sometimes it’s painfully obvious that you only wear a suit once a year to take Tinder photos.”

    (Main Image By user showmeyourbut from ingur)



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  • And If You're Not Good Looking..
    2 / 9 And If You're Not Good Looking..

    User TOF5U says “as long as you’re not ugly you’ll be fine.
    if you are, tinder is not a great place to start. try coffee meets bagel.
    If u want real advice, use a decent looking profile picture, other pictures can also u doing hobbies and other sh*t. And write something about yourself on your profile. try not to use emojis to represent yourself.”

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  • Tinder Does Work, Apparently
    3 / 9 Tinder Does Work, Apparently

    User zoinks10 reveals: “Never used it myself (I’m married) but a friend of mine met his girl on there about 2 years ago and got married very recently. So I guess for some people it can work out. “

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  • The Ladies Shares What Creeps Them
    4 / 9 The Ladies Shares What Creeps Them

    User kronograf reveals: “I wonder how girls deal with OKC, really. I convinced one of my newly single coworkers to install it once for shits and giggles – she just put a random no-face image and one-liner description, and ended up getting so many creepy messages by the end of the day she had to shut it down.”

    Another female user says: “Haha yeah, I did get waaaaay more creepy/FWB messages on OKC compared to Tinder. I’d just laugh and ignore them or block if they get too persistent. I had to filter out all the shitty ones before I could find the decent guys.”

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  • And Some "Statistics"
    5 / 9 And Some "Statistics"

    User Zakyn actually did a study! “About 6 months ago, I did a very non scientific talk at Barcamp about this subject titled “love 3.0”.
    I was the only test subject for about a year. I am not a very active person on this apps:-P
    Some simple conclusions with absolutely no scientific basis
    Tinder stats, 124 matches at time of talk, around 800 swipes, Age setting 18-28 (123 on screenshot, had a new match the next day) a) usually better educated, likely middle class and up b) quite a few have studied overseas c) speaks fluent english d) As an asian guy, chinese, malay etc, you are not their primary “target” * They are primarily looking for foreign guys.
    Paktor – localized version of Tinder Stats – 296 matches, swipes left about 800, Age settings 18-28 a) usually not as educated as Tinder crowd b) More local c) speaks fluent singlish d) Fair game for all races. If non local woman are your poison and you spot them here, chances are high that they are into locals. just saying
    Bonus I’m pretty sick of the following profile pics a) Taken with food, (100% non local food of course) b) The background picture with angel wings (No clue where this background is, but the devil in me is raging) c) with pets.”

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  • Don't Be Cheap, Be Funny
    6 / 9 Don't Be Cheap, Be Funny

    User Kronograf adds: “Don’t know about tinder (after my time, kind of), but spent half a decade on OKC.
    Don’t take yourself too seriously, be funny, if you don’t look good at least try to be/project the image of being interesting, and for gods’ sakes pay for lunch/dinner/etc. on the first date. There’s a difference between being for gender equality and just being cheap.”

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  • Profile Picture Matters
    7 / 9 Profile Picture Matters

    User Nillw advises: “profile picture of you and you only, not in a group etc. 2) other 1-2 extra so we know you’re not exactly stealing other people’s photos etc 3) short but concise description 4) if you matched, most girls will wait for the guy to talk to her first”

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  • Does Being White Matter?
    8 / 9 Does Being White Matter?

    Apparently, says user freeseoul. ” I’m a white guy, when I went to Singapore for a short visit of a week I turned on Tinder to try and find people to meet… but I never really actually used until about mid-way in and at the end… Man.
    I swiped about 15 times the first time I logged in, all matches, never got someone who wasn’t one and of the 15 times I swipped the second time, about 9 were matches.
    I’m not good looking, I’m just white.”

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  • Head Out Of Town
    9 / 9 Head Out Of Town

    User Keyboardsoldier espouses travelling. “All I know is I get heaps more matches when I’m overseas”


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