Sex Tips: How To Make Sex Better In Long-Term Relationships

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    No longer f**k like rabbits with your boyfriend of three years? All is not lost — there are plenty of ways to keep sex exciting in a long-term relationship and here are five tips from Erin Chen, a sex and relationship counsellor and co-founder of SPARK Fest Asia, the region’s first sexual wellness festival.

    Held at The Hive Lavender on Saturday, May 19, the event offered several informative discussions, edutainment experiences and opportunities to browse the latest products and services, which allowed you to explore ideas about sex, love and intimacy. The best part? Gaining new knowledge on how to achieve more pleasure, health and happiness. How sexy is that?

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  • 1. Learn to communicate and trust
    2 / 6 1. Learn to communicate and trust

    “Sex is like a team sport, which is nearly impossible to ‘win’ without communication, practice and trust. One of the biggest myths about sex is that it doesn’t involve trial and error, but trial and error can actually be a fun part of sex. There is no magical way to suddenly become good communicators at sex without practice. Don’t get discouraged by the discomfort and awkwardness — it will get easier. Trust that you are playing on the same team.”

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  • 2. Look after the other areas of your life
    3 / 6 2. Look after the other areas of your life

    “It’s difficult to maintain desire and energy for sex if you constantly feel tired or if your health isn’t great. It’s also difficult if you’re not connected on other levels in your relationship. To keep the spark alive in the bedroom, help each manage what happens outside of it.”

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  • 3. Be open to change
    4 / 6 3. Be open to change

    “You won’t have your sex life figured out forever. Life will continually change and so will it. Some couples panic when what worked before stops working, so it’s important to be prepared to hit the ‘reset’ button together and explore [new ways of having fun]. In fact, this mindset alone will help keep things interesting for you.”

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  • 4. Don't be afraid to try new things
    5 / 6 4. Don't be afraid to try new things

    “There are many “sexual bucket lists” out there for you to try. If some activities don’t turn out the way you imagined, don’t despair – the trial and error is part of the fun. Remember that you’re in this together, and rekindling that fire is a life skill,you will use over and over again.”

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  • 5. Refrain from having expectations
    6 / 6 5. Refrain from having expectations

    “Remember that sex can look very different at different stages in life. Sit down and talk to your partner about what ‘keeping the spark alive’ looks like for you at this particular juncture. The more specific you are, the better! When I ask most couples about what they want, they tend to focus on what they don’t have, which makes it difficult to know when you have actually arrived at the place that you are working towards.”

    By Adora Wong for CLEO

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