Sex In Public Places: These Singaporeans Share 30 Spots

  • Singaporeans Prudish? Think Again
    1 / 8 Singaporeans Prudish? Think Again

    The generalisation of most Singaporeans is we’re a puritan bunch. But if you read this reddit thread we found, clearly not. From stairwells to swimming pools, our local lads have been getting down in really surprising spots. Read on to see a list of places and fairly vivid descriptions. And you’ve been warned, it’s NSFW-territory!

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  • Outdoor Benches
    2 / 8 Outdoor Benches

    So threadstarter Beatyn kicks off with this:”Mine wasn’t much, its just at pasir ris park on a bench at night with public behind us. But to me it was the most thrilling.”

    This Singaporean Woman Had Sex With Her Ex To Improve Him In Bed

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  • The Office
    3 / 8 The Office

    User randomneurotic pops in with the following: “Handicapped toilet in a park. Filthy.

    In a car. It was fun but finding good secluded spots are tough.

    Some room in one of the Unis.

    One of the lockable rooms in my ex-office.

    The partner’s office cubicle after hours.

    Public jacuzzi at one of the boutique hotels.”

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  • In The Taxi!
    4 / 8 In The Taxi!

    User tonyp7 volunteered: “In a cinema,
    blowjob in a taxi (probably was obvious to the cabbie but we were both so drunk. He didn’t say anything. Thank you uncle!)
    in a car on a side street of Robertson quay (was really awesome that one!)
    another bj in a plane under a blanket Hmm that’s about it!”

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  • On A Bus
    5 / 8 On A Bus

    User wootwootwoot90 added to the adventure tales: ”

    Not sex… But gf gave me a handjob a few times in a public bus. Whilst sitting at the back. (not double decker).

    Gotten handjobs and made out in the middle of a maze at pasir ris Park at 2am, HDB staircase landings, a polytechnic boys’ toilet, handicapped toilet in a mall, bukit timah hill and in the middle of a hike trail near macritchie @ ard mid day. Heh.

    Oh and I almost forgot… Handjob in a flight. Not in e lavatory but in our seats window and middle seat with a stranger sitting in the aisle seat.”

    Do Singaporeans Really Have Casual Sex?

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  • In A KTV
    6 / 8 In A KTV

    user scottscolle adds: “In a KTV in Bugis+
    Got a blowjob while driving on CTE
    In the car
    In student residence’s laundry room
    In a hallway at Hwa Chong JC
    In a construction site on Dempsey Hill”

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  • In A Spa
    7 / 8 In A Spa

    Fireball16’s experience: “sex in a couples hot tub in a boutique spa, in a swimming pool in gf’s condo -bj on fire escape stair case landing -heavy petting/fingering/hand job at the back of a bus, on an overhead bridge, up against a wall behind a tree along a park trail, on a park glass slope in Woodlands and on a staircase looking out over Boat Quay.”

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  • The Best Advice..
    8 / 8 The Best Advice..

    But the best advice came from MrChaosDesire, who said: “Remember to dispose the condom.

    Someone once left a condom at a staircase landing after their bang, and the freaking liquid inside run all the way to the staircase from the corner.”


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