Good Sex: 6 Signs You’re A Good Lover In Bed

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    Don’t know how good you are in bed and hoping to find out so you can, well, hone your skills if need be? We got Dr Martha Tara Lee, a clinical sexologist at Eros Coaching, to tell us about the signs that show you’re at the top of your game between the sheets.

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  • 1. Your partner tells you so
    2 / 7 1. Your partner tells you so

    “They might well say so for the sake of it or so you may do more of what they want you to. However, most people are honest. [Just refrain from comparing yourself with their] past lovers, because while you may be curious, you may not like what you hear and may end up feeling inadequate.”

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  • 2. You believe so
    3 / 7 2. You believe so

    “This shows that you’re comfortable with your body and can give and receive pleasure with ease. You know what an orgasm is and you know how to achieve it for yourself and your partner. Sex isn’t difficult for you and you actually enjoy it and think you’re good at it. Since you have positive thoughts about sex and a healthy relationship with your body, you should be (and should know you are) good in bed without needing to hear this from anybody else!”

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  • 3. You learn fast
    4 / 7 3. You learn fast

    “People who are good at sex don’t necessarily have to have had a lot of sex. They just need to be good at listening to feedback and picking up non-verbal cues. If you want to be good at sex for your partner, you’ll be constantly listening, observing, asking for feedback and reflecting on how to be a better lover. Also, there should be a balance, so much as you’ll be attuned to your partner’s sexual needs, wants and desires, you’ll also respect your own boundaries.”

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  • 4. You're open-minded
    5 / 7 4. You're open-minded

    “There are many websites offering quality sexuality education nowadays. But the quest to gain more knowledge isn’t just limited to sex tips, tricks, and techniques — it’s also about maintaining the right sexual attitude. If you’re open-minded to learn more about what you don’t know, you become better informed about what you already know.”

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  • 5. You don't have a lot of sexual hang-ups
    6 / 7 5. You don't have a lot of sexual hang-ups

    “Because you possess a positive attitude about sex and sexuality, are comfortable with your body and possess adequate sexual skills, you’re less sexually inhibited. This doesn’t mean you sleep around a lot, but rather, you don’t have hang-ups that other sexually inexperienced individuals might have – e.g. giving or receiving oral sex, engaging in role-play, light spanking and using saliva.”

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  • 6. You welcome new experiences
    7 / 7 6. You welcome new experiences

    “It takes somebody who is relatively comfortable with their sexuality and who trusts their bodies and ability to be open to new things. When you welcome new experiences, you’ll be able to suggest trying new sex position or using sex toys and the like with your partner. People are only fearful of sex and their bodily responses because they lack sexuality education and knowledge.”

    By Adora Wong for CLEO

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