5 Ways To Up Your Sex Appeal According To Science

  • 1. Sound sexy
    1 / 5 1. Sound sexy

    What’s in a name? Quite a lot, actually. Sex appeal begins when you introduce yourself, according to Amy Perfors, a linguist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    Her research found women prefer men’s names pronounced with a “front vowel” – a linguistic term meaning the way “a” is pronounced in Matt. “Back vowel” sounds, such as the “aw” in Paul, are considered less sexy. Use this to your advantage, without any awkward post-coital confession, by acquiring yourself a “front vowel” nickname.

    Then think about the pitch of your voice. Nottingham University’s behavioural ecology research group in the UK discovered that women tend to perceive men with deeper voices as more attractive, with the Russell Crowe timbre triggering optimum appeal.

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    Now that you’re rumbling, start taking the mickey. “Self-deprecating humour is a very reliable indicator to her of general intelligence, verbal creativity and moral virtues such as humility,” says University of New Mexico anthropologist Gil Greengross in the US, who conducted a two-year study into the role of humour in seduction.

    So, sound like Crowe but talk like Russell Brand.

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  • 2. Look sharp
    2 / 5 2. Look sharp

    If the genetic lottery didn’t give you the same payout as Brad Pitt, a few optical illusions will help.

    A study by the University of Rochester in the US claims wearing a red polo shirt increases women’s attraction to you. “It may be a primal thing, or a man who wears red may feel more dominant, influencing his confidence,” says study author Andrew Elliot.

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    Next, clean up your complexion, say UK researchers. “Just by looking at men’s cheeks, women make the necessary genetic discriminations to find the right mate,” says Prof Morris Gosling, a UK-based animal behaviour expert. And men with the healthiest complexions scored highest.

    But beauty is more than skin deep. “Studies confirm women have strong preferences for taut bodies and broad shoulders,” says Martie Haselton, psychology professor at the University of Texas. Suddenly feel like going to the gym? We’ll see you there.

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  • 3. Be tasteful
    3 / 5 3. Be tasteful

    Good night with a kiss? Doing so releases mood-lifting endorphins, while your saliva plays a key role in attraction, according to Vaughn Bryant, professor of anthropology at Texas A&M University. “The first kiss lets her check out the chemical messengers that signal sexual attraction,” he explains.

    To give your genetic code the best chance to work its magic, “keep your kisses soft, sensual, firm and not too wet,” says Dr Laura Berman, assistant clinical professor of gynaecology and psychiatry at Northwestern University in the US.

    Then there’s the more abstract take on taste – her subconscious reliance on other women’s taste in men. A US study showed women preferred men who were with – or around – other women. And you can max this pre-approval effect by ensuring you’re very nice to them: Psychologists at Scotland’s Aberdeen University found women are more likely to think a man is good-looking if they see other women smiling at him. Keep them happy now, and you’ll be grinning later.

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  • 4. Smell right
    4 / 5 4. Smell right

    The shortcut to a woman’s heart is through her nose. Research by the Monell Chemical Senses Center in the US found that a woman’s ability to detect and distinguish between scents is 1,000 times better than yours.

    Plus, her processing hardware for smell and emotions are located in the same neural network of her brain. That means the right scents are sex appeal superchargers. Research at The Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in the US found that the most effective evoke childhood memories or favourite foods – specifically cucumber – baby powder and lavender, which all cause an increase in vaginal blood flow.

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    There’s something deeper at work, too. UK researchers from the University of Newcastle discovered women are attracted to the smell of men with different “histocompatibility” complexes – a collection of genes related to the immune system. As a rule of thumb, the further apart your backgrounds, the more compatible your “histo”.

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  • 5. Touch her
    5 / 5 5. Touch her

    A delicate, precise touch can take your appeal to the next level, but don’t do it too early.

    Filling her personal space too soon is a major turn-off, warns anthropologist Kate Fox from Oxford University’s Social Issues Research Centre. If you’re talking for the first time and you’re close enough to whisper, you’re too close. “That’s her intimate zone – less than 40cm from her – which is reserved for lovers, family and close friends,” says Fox. “This doesn’t mean ‘don’t touch’ but avoid touches which may seem threatening. Experiments have shown a light, brief brush on the arm during an initial encounter has immediate, lasting positive effects.”

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    Keeping your touch light is key. Swedish researchers discovered a complex second nerve network beneath the skin – known as CT Fibres – which are different in structure from her main touch receptors and stimulated by soft sensations. Because of this, their MRI scans of women’s brains showed soft touch activates the part of the brain associated with emotional response. “Stimulation of CT fibres is probably linked to the release of pleasure hormones, like oxytocin,” explains study author Hakan Olausson.

    Women really do love a softie.

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