4 Best Things To Say During Sex

  • "I Love Your..."
    1 / 4 "I Love Your..."

    “She wants to know you’re with her and not off in some fantasy of having sex with that hot yoga instructor at the gym,” says Paul Hokemeyer, Ph.D., a Manhattan-based marriage therapist.

    So give your favorite part of her body major props. When talking about that part—be it her breasts, stomach, or butt—gently caress and look at it, Kerner recommends. It will make her swoon.

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  • "I Love The Way You Taste."
    2 / 4 "I Love The Way You Taste."

    Just like how you worry about your own endowment, she’s concerned about what you’ll think of her private parts, says Cadell. So when you go down on her, feed her vagina some compliments.

    Spouting off “I” statements (instead of “you” phrases, like “you taste great”), makes the compliment about not just her, but how you feel about her, Garrison says.

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  • "Uhhhh."
    3 / 4 "Uhhhh."

    Moan it up. As much as you like to make her scream, she likes to hear you get into it, too, Garrison says. 

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  • “You Look So Hot In That Position.”
    4 / 4 “You Look So Hot In That Position.”

    During sex, women can spend a lot of time “spectatoring,” focusing on the activities from a bird’s-eye view, Needle says. So she’s probably already considered how she must look with her legs like that.

    Letting her know you love the view can help assuage her fears. “The more comfortable she feels in her own skin and the more attractive she feels, the hotter the sex is going to be,” Kerner says.

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    Words by K. Aleisha Fetters

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