5 Tips To Avoid Getting Running Stitches

  • 1) Prevention Is Better Than Cure
    1 / 5 1) Prevention Is Better Than Cure
    Stitch-proof your body by consuming easily digestible options before you begin your run. Also, the fitter you are, the more likely you’ll be able to run at a higher intensity.
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  • 2) Stretch And Control Your Pace
    2 / 5 2) Stretch And Control Your Pace

    On race day, be sure to stretch properly and control your pace while starting out. Going full blast while your breathing muscles are not properly warmed up is a sure way to get a stitch in your side.

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  • 3) Slow Down If You Need To
    3 / 5 3) Slow Down If You Need To
    If you feel the onset of a stitch, immediately slow down or stop, and begin taking long, relaxed breaths instead of short, choppy ones. Short breaths keep the diaphragm tense and raised; deep breaths allow it to fully relax.
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  • 4) Belly Breathing
    4 / 5 4) Belly Breathing
    Try to breathe with your belly instead of your lungs, by intentionally expanding your stomach when you breathe. This allows your diaphragm to lower instead of tense up, so as to make room for the lungs.
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  • 5) Stop-and-press Technique
    5 / 5 5) Stop-and-press Technique
    5. Stop-and-press technique
    To get rid of a stitch, stop running, press your hand against the painful area and exhale forcefully, as if you were blowing out a candle. What you’re doing is lifting your liver towards your diaphragm, and relieving the tension and strain trapped in the ligaments. This technique should get rid of the stabbing pain in a matter of moments.
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