Reduce Body Fat Fast

For whatever reason, you don’t want to go to the gym, spend money on equipment, or even leave your room to work out. Here are 5 easy, fuss-free exercises to help you cut down the flab. Do three sets of these exercises in the following circuit: 20 JUMP SQUATS Do […]

An Introduction To Flowriding

Loading posts… If you want to catch a flawless flawless wave all the time, regardless of the weather, try flowboarding. It’s a sport that involves riding a stand-up board on the flowrider – an artificial wave-producing machine that shoots out water at speeds of 32km/h to 48km/h  over padded surfaces that […]

Can Depression Be Treated With Anti-Inflammatory Drugs?

Headline: Depression can be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs – yes or no? Where: The Telegraph, a British newspaper, published a report on Sept 8 with the headline, Depression is a physical illness which could be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs, scientists suggest. It quoted scientists as saying that depression can be […]

6 Reasons Why You're Losing Weight Too Fast & Suddenly

Losing weight too quickly could indicate some underlying health issues. With all the stats you hear about obesity in America, you might think of weight loss as an inherently good thing. But when weight loss is rapid and unintended, it can signal a worrisome underlying condition. First, what’s considered “rapid” weight […]

Can Stretch Marks Be Avoided When You Lose Weight?

Are stretch marks unavoidable when you lose a lot of weight quickly? Losing weight may boost your confidence and lower your chances of developing diabetes, but shedding extra pounds also has it’s drawbacks–like stretch marks. Stretch marks typically occur when people lose or gain weight quickly. Essentially a scar, the marks […]