Nokia 3310’s, originally released in 2000 will be sold for just around $150, and so likely be pitched as a reliable second phone to people who fondly remember it the first time around. It will be revealed at Mobile World Congress later this month, according to leaker Evan Blass who first revealed the details. Here’s 9 reasons why it’s such an awesome phone!

1. First, and most importantly.. SNAKE 2!

Before the day of smartphones the game, which involved players chasing a dot to add to a digital “snake”, was what kept us all entertained while waiting for our dates at busstops. And who doesn’t remember the joy of smashing your friend’s hard-earned high score on this phone to leave him so angry he’d throw his phone down the stairs? But that didn’t matter, because…

2. The phone was indestructible.

Throw it off a cliff, run it over with a steam roller or drop it down the toilet. This phone was not to be messed with. And everyone also knows of a friend who’s 3310 is now urban legend, because it survived the washing machine after mum put the jeans to wash without checking the pockets!

3. The phone never needed charging

260 hours of standby life.. you’d be lucky if your iPhone gets 26 hours.

4. It was actually pocket-friendly.

No such issues as the iPhone Pluses bendgate- the 3310 was just the perfect size to fit into your jeans pocket. And it still maintained a real heft to it, without feeling too plasticky.

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5. Owning this phone made you a music god.

Remember this? 16#d2 16e2 16b1 16g1 16g1 1g1. Tune.

6. You could create the cutest and most romantic text messages.

1 177155 17- “I miss you”

7. You could change the back and front cover

You could physically change the phone with a never ending supply of coloured and themed plastic cases from pasar malams- but of course the retro look was still the best!

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