magic_babe_ning-6762107Trying to impress a woman during a first meeting is hard enough but when her job is to wow people on a daily basis, talk about mission impossible! But Magic Babe Ning, the sexiest woman in magic, won’t zap you into a frog if you irk her; she’s too sweet for that.

Singapore’s only professional female magician, Ning is no stranger to the limelight, and not just for her good looks. In July 2009, she was awarded the coveted Merlin Award for “Most Original Female Illusionist 2009” by the International Magicians Society. Most recently, Ning and J C Sum, one of Asia’s most celebrated and experienced illusionists, successfully predicted winning 4D lottery numbers in a stunt called “The Impossible 4D Prediction”!

Amid her busy schedule – performing at St. James and preparing for “The Impossible 4D Prediction” – Ning chats with Men’s Health to talk about magic. The first one’s a toughie. We want to know why people are so taken in by magic and illusion? 

Ning shares her thoughts, “Simply because magic and illusion is all about the suspension of belief, like in movies and stories. It is universal entertainment, which transcends boundaries like language and cultures. “

So, would performing a card trick work on attracting women? David Blaine and that Mind Freak guy seems to get all the hot ladies!

With a laugh, she replies, “I personally find Criss Angel & David Blaine hot in their own way. Personally, I think it’s cute if or when guys use magic to impress women, but you must make sure you’ve practised well way before and you’re confident of pulling it off properly, else you’d just look like a world class idiot with a failed trick, instead of a suave, dexterous magician. However, do stay clear of cheesy patter that would make anyone roll their eyes or break into goosebumps!”.

Confidence is the key here, then? That’s something we can agree on.

“Confidence equals sexiness for me, and I’m sure most women would agree. While all of us girls have our “preferred types” like the strong silent types or out-going men, one thing clearly resonates with us; It’s the simple fact that we’re attracted by confident, self-assured men who are comfortable in their own skin and exude that charismatic quality!” shares our sultry illusionist.

ning1-2914561You don’t need a magic wand, fancy tricks or a pigeon hidden up your sleeve; just a healthy dollop of self-confidence to be attractive. Find out what else Ning has to say about being confident and creating a good impression.

Firstly, how would you define making a good impression?

It doesn’t have to be such extremes like the bland wallflower or the loud dude who’s frantically trying too hard. For me, seriously, as long as you’re nicely presentable and exude sexy self-confidence, a positive impression is already made!

What can a guy do to impress at a party or a roomful of strangers?

Dress nicely, speak well, and just be comfortable in your own shoes. Seriously, if you try way too hard to please or even attempt to be someone else other than yourself, it’d just show and it’d be a sad, inaccurate reflection on you. I personally think magic is a good ice-breaker, so if you’ve got a few good effects that you’d practised, it may be a great time to perform them and have fun with your new friends!

What about the shy guys who are afraid of making the first move?

Fellas, please make the first move if you want anything to happen. But please have a smart strategy. Plan what you’re going to say before making your first step, else you’d either look like a stuttering idiot who only knows how to gawk. Watch HITCH for some clever inspiration.

Do you believe in pickup lines?

Of course I believe in pick-up lines! They’re fun, plus they give you an insight on how witty someone can be! Besides, I’ve used them myself! Memorable ones I can recall off-hand… there was a cute and simple “Hi, I’m Mr Right… someone said you’re looking for me!” and another alluring one which hooked me: “Are you as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside?

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