Your friends and colleagues will “love” you this April Fool’s Day.

April Fool’s Day is a day you either love or hate. For all the enterprising pranksters out there, here are some you can do to really make your friends and colleagues “love” you.


Change the mouse pointer speed to really fast or slow for some hilarious entertainment. You can also stick a Post-It note under it to block the sensor and mess around with its movements. Also, go to Mouse settings in the Pointer tab in Control Panel, and change the default mouse pointer to the hourglass. Your colleague’s computer is now hard at work, forever.

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Use an odd or uncommon keyboard layout called Dvorak. Wanna see how frustrated your co-workers get? Go to the Language Settings under Control Panel and Add and choose Dvorak. Watch the hair pulling commence.


Screenshot the desktop of your victim’s computer, open the image in full-screen mode, and watch them wonder why nothing’s clickable. On Mac, press Command/Shift/4, then click and drag to select entire screen. The image will be saved to the desktop as a “.png” file. In Windows, press the Print Screen key or use the Snipping Tool under Programs.


Press Ctrl-Alt-Up or down to rotate their monitor orientation. Remember to act casual and confused if they ask for your help.


“There’s a very fine line between what is humorous and what isn’t,” says industrial psychologist Erna Nel. “When it comes to sexual harassment, it’s all about the perception of the person being harassed. Look at the context: what are the perceptions of the person who the prank is geared at?” If in doubt, the ones who dish it out can take it. “If somebody is a prankster, you’ll know what kind of prank you can pull.”

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