Whisky Live Singapore 2017: How Well Do You Know Your Whiskies?

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  • Mystery Whisky 1
    2 / 6 Mystery Whisky 1

    Style: Maritime and fruity

    Nose: Elegant, lightly smoky. Toasted and fruity notes

    Palate: Salty and unctuous. Marked by malted barley

    Finish: Tangy and floral

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  • Mystery Whisky 2
    3 / 6 Mystery Whisky 2

    Style: Smoky and complex

    Nose: Precise, with no concessions. Cedar and smoke. Citrus, spicy, bacon notes. Almond milk

    Palate: Generous peaty flavours, burnt wood, smoked fish, hint of liquorice

    Finish: Medicinal. Cardamom and eucalyptus. Tar, macadam and dried fish

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  • Mystery Whisky 3
    4 / 6 Mystery Whisky 3

    Style: Spiced and exotic

    Nose: Solid, refined. Honey, sandalwood and roasted malt. Candied citrus fruit, marzipan, liquorice and spices (curry).

    Palate: Powerful, lovely. Delicately woody. Gingerbread.

    Finish: Long. Malting barley, salted butter. Mineral and spiced (pepper, cumin)


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  • Mystery Whisky 4
    5 / 6 Mystery Whisky 4

    Style: Exotic and complex

    Nose: Clean and rich. Notes of dried fruits, walnuts and spices. Vanilla and marzipan.

    Palate: Rich and oily. Notes of dried fruits and spices with a splash of black coffee.

    Finish: Long and rich

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  • Mystery Whisky 5
    6 / 6 Mystery Whisky 5

    Style: Strong and fruity

    Nose: Vibrant. Notes of melon, figs, toffee and lemon

    Palate: Mix of dry fruits, citrus, vanilla, spice and cloves

    Finish: Long with sweetness in harmony with dry tannins from the wood.

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