MH Guide To Gear 2016: The Outdoor Adventure Edition

  • Dress Smart
    1 / 36 Dress Smart

    When you’re in the great outdoors, safety and comfort must come first. This list will keep you confident as you traverse rocks and through water.

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  • Chart Your Way
    2 / 36 Chart Your Way

    The ability to orient yourself in the wild can save your life. Equip yourself with these gadgets (alongside an up-to-date paper map, just in case!)

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  • For The Record
    3 / 36 For The Record

    Travel memories are some of your most precious possessions. Use these tools to help you reminisce that extraordinary adventure you just had.

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  • Survival Situation
    4 / 36 Survival Situation

    Even seasoned outdoorsmen can be caught off guard by nature’s wild unpredictability. Packing these key pieces of gear can greatly increase your odds of getting out alive!

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  • Matador Pocket Blanket
    5 / 36 Matador Pocket Blanket

    This picnic blanket is water repellant, puncture resistant and can sit 2-4 people (160cm by 110cm), but folds compact enough to fit into one of your pockets. Plus, it has weighted corners so the wind can’t blow it around. 

    PRICE: $42, www.matadorup.com

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  • Fitbit Charge 2
    6 / 36 Fitbit Charge 2

    Don’t just watch your steps when hiking — track them! This fitness tracker comes packed with goodies like a built-in heart rate monitor, automatic workout detection, long battery life, a solid app and, most importantly, a clock face.

    PRICE: $248, www.fitbit.com

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  • Arc'teryx Bora 2 Mid GTX Hiking Boots
    7 / 36 Arc'teryx Bora 2 Mid GTX Hiking Boots

    These footwear are designed to work with interchangeable liners (which, on their own, can double as camping slip-ons) to carry you from summery hikes to wintry treks. Vibram helped design an outsole that offers optimum support, durability and grip.

    PRICE: $445, www.arcteryx.com

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  • Oakley Latch
    8 / 36 Oakley Latch

    Hang these shades from your collar and tiny clips hidden inside the temples clamp down hard on your shirt. Now when you lean over a stream to filter water into your bottle, your sunglasses won’t tumble off into the current.

    PRICE: $250, www.zalora.sg

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  • Invisaband Mosquito Repellent Bracelet
    9 / 36 Invisaband Mosquito Repellent Bracelet

    This wrist strap promises to repel mozzies from your personal space by slowly releasing the active natural ingredient geraniol over the course of its 120-hour lifespan.

    PRICE: $35, www.invisaband.com

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  • Eddie Bauer Flying Squirrel
    10 / 36 Eddie Bauer Flying Squirrel

    The zipperless design on this sleeping bag sheds even more mass on an already lightweight sleep sack, and yet packs insulation rated to 4.4 deg C. For colder camps, you can use this as an inner bag.

    PRICE: $415, www.eddiebauer.com 

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  • Mission Workshop Arkiv
    11 / 36 Mission Workshop Arkiv

    Rails and lash points allow the base model to be tricked out with add-ons to protect your carry-on gear. It’s more travel sidekick than stash sack — perfect for your urban exploration.

    PRICE: From $326, www.missionworkshop.com

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  • Crosspoint Waterproof Socks
    12 / 36 Crosspoint Waterproof Socks

    These are composed of 3 layers that strive to keep your feet dry, while wicking away sweat and keeping water out. Anti-bacterial liners help keep your feet healthy and reduce foul odours.

    PRICE: US$35, www.showerspass.com

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  • American Red Cross Blackout Buddy H2O
    13 / 36 American Red Cross Blackout Buddy H2O

    This emergency torchlight provides illumination when all else is lost. It powers up using a water-activated magnesium-oxide battery, giving up to 72 hours of continuous illumination, and is safe to use even when submerged in water.

    PRICE: $23, www.amazon.com

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  • BONUS! Why You Should Check Out... Cebu
    14 / 36 BONUS! Why You Should Check Out... Cebu

    The oldest city in the Philippines has a rich religious and historical heritage, with relics dating back to the 16th century. The beaches at Mactan and Olango are perfect for snorkelling and bird watching, while Mount Busay offers sweeping views of the city.

    Learn more at www.tigerair.com

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  • Polar M600
    15 / 36 Polar M600

    This sporty smart watch is perfect for adventurers. It comes with built-in GPS, measures your heart rate, tracks your sleeping patterns, and can survive underwater.

    PRICE: $569, www.polar.com

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  • Trinity Portable Wind Turbine Power Station
    16 / 36 Trinity Portable Wind Turbine Power Station

    Keep your navigation tech charged with this portable wind turbine. It weighs under 1kg, and when fully juiced up, can recharge an iPhone 16 times. It works in wind speeds as low as 4km/h — enough to make leaves rustle and create water ripples.

    PRICE: $513, www.janulus.com

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  • Luci Outdoor 2.0 Inflatable Solar Light
    17 / 36 Luci Outdoor 2.0 Inflatable Solar Light

    This collapses into a disc so you can hang it on your backpack for daylight to keep it charged. Come nightfall, it inflates into a waterproof LED lantern, which features a flashing mode to signal for help.

    PRICE: $36, www.mpowerd.com

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  • X-Cap Light Up Hat
    18 / 36 X-Cap Light Up Hat

    A snug beanie fitted with a removable USB-charged head lamp will keep your head warm and wits intact, as you use one of its four strengths of illumination to move about after dark.

    PRICE: $45, www.store.moma.org

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  • Eton Scorpion
    19 / 36 Eton Scorpion

    It’s got everything you need for an emergency — radio, flashlight, phone charger, and bottle opener. Solar panels keep this device charged, but in the event you run out of juice in the middle of the night, just use the hand crank to power it up again.

    PRICE: $107, www.amazon.com 

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  • Garmin Monterra
    20 / 36 Garmin Monterra

    This rugged, waterproof GPS mapping powerhouse will solve all your navigational needs. It comes with high-sensitivity GPS, 3D maps and a touchscreen that’s still readable in the sun.

    PRICE: $755, www.buy.garmin.com

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  • Mod Tablet 3
    21 / 36 Mod Tablet 3

    This handsome case organises all the stuff you’ll need to see you through transit. There are 10 pockets for your tablet, phone, passport, cards, and currency: 5 slots for cords, pens, notebooks and in-ear headphones; a magnetic dock for interchangeable inserts; plus a Tile Original tracking device. 

    PRICE: $485, www.thisisground.com

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  • BONUS! Why You Should Check Out... Ipoh
    22 / 36 BONUS! Why You Should Check Out... Ipoh

    The gateway to Cameron Highlands has good food and hidden treasures for you to discover. The Sam Poh Tong Temple is said to be the biggest cave temple in the country, showcasing exquisite Buddha statues among stalacities and stalagmites, and excellent views of the city.

    Search for flights at www.tigerair.com

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  • The Adventure Log
    23 / 36 The Adventure Log

    These 48-page notebooks come in packs of 3, and feature an organisational system for jotting down location, date, trip conditions and your thoughts — helping you keep a viscerally satisfying handwritten record of all those amazing trips.

    PRICE: $17, www.wordnotebooks.com

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  • Machine Era Pen
    24 / 36 Machine Era Pen

    This pricey bugger could be the only pen you’ll ever need in a lifetime. It’s machined from solid stainless steel, with a threaded cap to guard against ink leaks. A Pilot G2 cartridge comes included, but the hand-polished case will house any standard-sized Uni-Ball refills.

    PRICE: $83, www.machine-era.com

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  • Exolens With Optics By Zeiss Wide-Angle Lens Kit
    25 / 36 Exolens With Optics By Zeiss Wide-Angle Lens Kit

    This pro-level iPhone attachment is your smartphone’s equivalent of the 18mm landscape lens for DSLR cameras. It’s designed to retain sharpness and colour accuracy without introducing distortions. The lens coating boosts photo contrast, and the structure features a mount for standard tripods alongside a cold-shoe mount for other accessories.

    PRICE: $349, www.apple.com/sg

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  • Nikon KeyMission 360
    26 / 36 Nikon KeyMission 360

    The big feature of Nikon’s flagship action camera (which is waterproof, shockproof and freezeproof) is its ability to capture 360-degree videos in 4K resolution (and stills up to 30 megapixels) – meaning you’ll have one heck of a panorama to show from your skydive.

    PRICE: $739, www.nikon.com.sg

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  • CMRA
    27 / 36 CMRA

    This Apple Watch strap sports two cameras (outward-facing 8MP; self-facing 2MP) to let you capture HD photos and videos with your smartwatch, with 8GB of memory to store it all.

    PRICE: $346, www.getcmra.com

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  • Ultimate Ears UE Roll 2
    28 / 36 Ultimate Ears UE Roll 2

    The wireless speaker lets you put a soundtrack to your adventures, even underwater up to a metre deep. It offers nine hours of battery life and 33m of Bluetooth range, while adding a measly 330g to your backpack. And it comes with an inflatable floatie.

    PRICE: $149, www.apple.com

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  • Apple iPhone 7 Plus
    29 / 36 Apple iPhone 7 Plus

    While this iPhone boasts the best battery life and performance to date, the real advance is the “portrait” mode sitting in the camera menu. It leverages the two cameras of the 7 Plus to create the blurred background – the so-called “bokeh” effect – pros often use for portraits and still-life shots.

    PRICE: From $1,248, www.apple.com

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  • BONUS! Why You Should Check Out... Chiang Mai
    30 / 36 BONUS! Why You Should Check Out... Chiang Mai

    Situated in northern Thailand, the land of ancient temples is a world away from the fast-paced capital city of Bangkok. Surrounded by mountains and lush countryside, its isolation until the 1920s helped keep its historical monuments and distinctive charm intact.

    Learn more at www.tigerair.com

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  • Swedish Fireknife
    31 / 36 Swedish Fireknife

    So you’ve got some twigs and branches but know nuts about starting fires? Luckily this colourful outdoor study knife comes with a fire starter in its handle.

    PRICE: $57, www.lightmyfire.com

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  • Leatherman Wave Full Size Tools
    32 / 36 Leatherman Wave Full Size Tools

    Want to cut wires, saw branches, stab bears and open beers all with one tool? With larger knives and all-locking blades, this multi-tool does the job.

    PRICE: $181.90, www.isetan.com.sg

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  • Big Agnes Krumholtz UL2 mtnGLO
    33 / 36 Big Agnes Krumholtz UL2 mtnGLO

    Welcome to the future of camping trips. This high-tech tent comes with an interior fan, a 7-watt solar-powered USB charger and LED lights stitched into the seams. The 2.7-sq-m floor is right in the sweet spot for two-men tents, and the 99cm ceiling is higher than most tents in its class.

    PRICE: $900, www.bigagnes.com

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  • LifeStraw Personal Straw Water Filter
    34 / 36 LifeStraw Personal Straw Water Filter

    If you ever feel like having 1,000 litres of bacteria-free water in your pocket at your disposal (that weighs only 54g), this water-filter straw is perfect for you.

    PRICE: $48.37, www.touratech.com.sg

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  • Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro
    35 / 36 Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro

    This impressive gadget is a flashlight, power bank and wireless speaker all rolled into one rugged package about the size of a Red Bull can. Illumination comes in three different modes: flashlight, lamp and emergency beacon.

    PRICE: $111, www.outdoortechnology.com

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  • BONUS! Why You Should Check Out... Surabaya
    36 / 36 BONUS! Why You Should Check Out... Surabaya

    This is your gateway city to the breathtaking Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park – a mountainous area with two active volcanoes (Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru, Java’s tallest peak) rising out of a sea of sand. Caution is required.

    Learn more at www.tigerair.com

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