Gift Guide For Presents Below $100: What She Can Get You If She’s On A Tight Budget

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    Regardless of the occasion, whether it’s Christmas, Chinese New Year or Valentine’s Day, surprise presents are always welcome. But you know what would be better than getting a surprise gift from your girlfriend or wife?

    Getting a gift that you really want & will be really useful for you. If you’re unsure of what you want, here are 10 fantastic items below $100 that we’ve collated over the past year. If her budget is a little tight this year (and there’s nothing wrong with that!), this is the list for you. We’ve even included how you can hint to her that you want it.

    If she’s feeling generous, we also have a gift guide for items that range from $100 – $500.

    If money isn’t an issue, we also have a gift guide for items that are above $500.

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  • X-mini Xoundbar
    2 / 11 X-mini Xoundbar

    What We Love About It: The X-mini Xoundbar is only 21.5mm thin, which means you’ll be ready for an awesome time no matter where you go. It’s also IPX4 splash-proof certified so you won’t have to worry about accidental spills or splashes. You can even pair two units together for a sick stereo experience.

    $39.90. For more info, visit https://x-mini.com/sg/

    What To Say: Let’s both get the Xoundbar. It’s a good speaker and we can even put them together for louder music.

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  • Google Home Mini
    3 / 11 Google Home Mini

    What We Love About It: You can play favourite music, check the weather, get news updates, or queue up a YouTube video by simply telling it to, and Google will do the rest. Those using Android phones should already be familiar with Google Assistant, and communicating with it through Google Home Mini is a breeze. Soon, you’ll wonder how could ever live without it.

    $79 for the Google Home Mini. For more information, visit https://store.google.com/

    What To Say: You know, the Google Home Mini can really help us do things more efficiently at home. We should get one.

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  • Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale
    4 / 11 Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale

    What We Love About It: The Mi Smart Scale is designed to be precise – 100g precise to be exact. Not only do you get accurate weight readings, you can also keep track of your weight loss targets, as well as store up to 16 different user profiles so everyone can use it easily.

    $36. For more info, visit http://www.mi.com/sg

    What To Say: I want to track my weight. Let’s get a smart weighing scale, it’s a lot better than just a regular one. (Just don’t imply that she should track her weight!)

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  • Under Armour UA MK-1 Terry Sleeveless Hoodie
    5 / 11 Under Armour UA MK-1 Terry Sleeveless Hoodie

    What We Love About It: The UA MK-1 sleeveless hoodie is a top-tier hoodie for any workout. It has all the features you need and want. Along with the comfort and warmth of it, you will also feel a difference in speed and weight. Sweat is also a non-issue, since the material wicks sweat and dries it up really quickly.

    $79, available at Under Armour stores islandwide.

    What To Say: Singapore’s getting cold. I think I should get a new hoodie, maybe one for the gym too.

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  • Reebok Lifting Gloves
    6 / 11 Reebok Lifting Gloves

    What We Love About It: Its well-ventilated design will keep your hands cool during intense moments, and the hook-and-loop closure will allow easy adjustability to ensure the best fit so you can level up your lifts. When you need to go the distance in the gym, a little protection and support can go a long way.

    $35, available at Reebok stores (Velocity, Suntec City, Great World City and VivoCity) and select Royal Sporting House stores (Ion Orchard, Tampines Mall, Causeway Point, Tanglin Mall, JEM, Parkway Parade).

    What To Say: I need to lift heavier, maybe workout gloves are a good idea.

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  • The North Face Flyweight Pack
    7 / 11 The North Face Flyweight Pack

    What We Love About It: The North Face Flyweight Pack is not only lightweight and durable, its 22l capacity means you can bring much more than you thought you could. The best part is it can be compressed down into a tiny little pouch that you can stow away when it’s not needed.

    $86, available at The North Face stores island wide.

    What To Say: All my gym bags are really bulky. I should get a compressible one; it’ll be so much easier to carry.


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  • Pro LS All-In-one Face Cleansing 
    8 / 11 Pro LS All-In-one Face Cleansing 

    What We Love About It: The best way to clear your skin of excess oil is a product that deeply cleanses your skin without disturbing its natural pH or moisture levels. The cleanser should also remove dead skin and impurities, purifying the pores, and helping to revitalise the skin’s appearance.

    $38.60, www. labseries.com

    What To Say: I think my skin is really oily. Do you know any face cleanser that’s good and doesn’t disturb my skin?

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  • Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1
    9 / 11 Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1

    What We Love About It: This quenching balm trades the parabens and petroleum for natural ingredients like sweet almond oil and squalane. Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 truly lives up to its name and has the essential fats required to keep your lips moisturised. Don’t worry, it’s not girlie!

    $17, www.kiehls. com.sg/product

    What To Say: I think my lips are getting dry. I should really get something to moisturise it. Do you know any good ones?

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  • Pro LS All-in-one Face Hydrating Gel
    10 / 11 Pro LS All-in-one Face Hydrating Gel

    What We Love About It: This product contains oil-absorbing powder to quickly penetrate your skin. Think of moisturising as a long-term investment. As you get older, your skin will get better and better. What better way to look great for the lady?

    $49, www.labseries.com

    What To Say: I want to prevent my face from becoming dry. Any gels you use can do the trick?

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  • W.ant Skincare The Face Oil
    11 / 11 W.ant Skincare The Face Oil

    What We Love About It: Minimise your wrinkles with a few drops of an anti-ageing lotion on your face and neck each morning. This product’s natural ingredients, like rosehip oil and baobab oil, is said to go a long way towards keeping your skin looking bright and youthful.

    $69, www.wantskincare.com

    What To Say: I really want (see what we did there?) to take care of my skin and prevent ageing. Do you know any products that can help me?

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    Some text is taken from Men’s Health Singapore’s print edition

    By Muhd Farhan

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