Best Restaurants, Holidays, Games And Activities To Spend Your May Cheatday On

  • Madame Fan Bar
    1 / 5 Madame Fan Bar

    Usually one goes for food and drinks- but what if food is the drink? That’s the experience you can expect at Madame Fan. They don’t call ‘em bartenders anymore- mixologist is the new buzzword, and Davide Boncimino uses his signature finesse of sourcing inspiration from the kitchen for ingredients, techniques and traditions that raise the bar (yes, pun intended) in creating inventive libations and delight in balance, texture, flavour and finish- transcending the usual and familiar notes found in cocktails.

    First things first- some background about Madame Fan bar: located at the NCO club, which is within the JW Marriot South Beach property, it’s part of an elevated restaurant bar experience launched by famed restaurateur Alan Yau. Every inch of the place screams posh and refinement, which makes it definitely the perfect first date place to bring her.

    So what do you expect drink-wise? As Davide explains, “We don’t search for a sherbet, we find the best strawberries and cherry tomatoes and then make them into a sherbet from scratch. We make our own liqueurs which add flavor, depth and complexity in specific flavors or infusions that transcend the usual and familiar notes.”

    This is also expressed through Davide’s layered ‘drink-eat-drink’ concept where guests are invited to take a sip of their cocktail, followed by a bite of the house-made edible garnish, then back to their cocktail – in discovery of how the process empowers the drink palette in layered complexity, balance and finish. For example, cocktails such as the Tián Mì Mì come accompanied with an amber honeycomb to balance the sharp and bittersweet flavors of the black peppercorn cordial and mandarin fruit skin.

    When we were there recently, we tried their signature cocktails: the Moloko Royale; (Not) Classic PBJ; Tian Mi Mi; Yù Chă; Portofino and Velveteen, and they’re as exotic as their snazzy monikers. Our personal favourite might surprise though- we went old school with the Yù Chă: a flourish on the classic Martinez, a mix of Beefeater 24 gin and whisky is enlivened with slow-roasted Iron Goddess Tea (Tie Guan Yin), topped with savoury shiso vermouth. Smooth and balanced, the Yù Chă is a sharp blend of herbal and bittersweet flavours. Go try it!


    Opening Hours: Madame Fan Bar is open from 12.00pm to 11.00pm, daily.

    Madame Fan is open on Mondays to Sundays, including public holidays, from 12.00pm to 3.00pm (Monday to Sunday) for lunch, and 6.00pm to 11.00pm for dinner.

    For More Information: www.madamefan.sg/

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  • Beer Fest Asia
    2 / 5 Beer Fest Asia

    Beer lovers can look forward to new beers and programmes at Beerfest Asia 2019 when the popular beer festival returns from 27 to 30 June at the Marina Promenade.

    Organised by Sphere Exhibits Pte Ltd, the 11th edition of Beerfest Asia will feature more than 600 local and international beers including new launches and all-time award winners, an upgraded live entertainment line-up of international tribute bands, homegrown artistes and DJs, and a wide variety of gastronomic treats.

    In conjunction with the festival’s theme “Launching into the beer future”, beer lovers will get to taste new brews while exhibitors showcase their current recipes, and share the latest brewing trends and technology.

    Beer buddies can look forward to a workout of a different kind at the first-ever Beerfest Run. Participants can down a beer at each pit stop along a 2km route around the festival ground, and each finisher gets a 1-litre mug to refill at various exhibitors at a promotional price for the whole night.

    Other highlights include Sunday Carnival for the family including pets, with bouncy castles and carnival games to entertain the children, and the Asia Beer Awards which recognise the best in the beer industry by a reputable panel of esteemed BJCP certified judges, brewers and beer connoisseurs from around the world. The winners will be announced during trade hours.


    Thursday 27 June: 4pm – 6pm (Trade) 6pm – 1am (Public) Friday 28 June: 5pm – 2am. Saturday 29 June: 4pm – 2am Sunday 30 June: 2pm – 11pm

    Venue: Marina Promenade

    For More Information head to www.beerfestasia.com and www.facebook.com/beerfestasia.

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  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
    3 / 5 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is an action adventure game with RPG elements focusing on Shinobi’s solitary battles in the Sengoku Period, one of the bloodiest periods in Japanese history. The game also features exciting swordfights and various actions using a prosthetic ninja arm. In August, the game won the Best of Gamescom award at Gamescom 2018, Europe’s largest gaming trade show, and garnered attention from gamers around the world.

    We gave the game a spin for more than a few hours, and if you’re already a fan of Soulsborne games (Dark Souls/Bloodborne), Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will be right up your alley. Combat is as fluid, satisfying, and unforgiving as you’d expect. Plus, the added stealth element opens up new combat strategies, allowing you to ambush enemies to help even the odds a little.

    The initial purchase bonus of the physical version of the standard edition and the early purchase bonus of the digital edition will both include digital art works featuring the game’s concept art and an Original Mini Soundtrack that includes in-game soundtrack. The physical edition will also come with a special package.


    Blu-ray Disc version SGD 69.90

    Digital version SGD 64.90

    For More Information: www.asia.playstation.com

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  • Village Hotel, Sentosa
    4 / 5 Village Hotel, Sentosa

    Looking for a place to enjoy downtime, get your partner in a bikini, and sip a whiskey under the sun while enjoying a tan? We’re very visual with the image, we’ll admit, because that’s exactly what we did at Far East Hospitality’s recently opened Village Hotel.

    Let’s start with the pool- it offers a fun-filled experience with themed pool zones, lush gardens and outdoor spaces for rest, recreation and quality bonding time. Pools include the Children’s Play Pool, Lazy River Pool, Adventure Pool, and the Pamukkale Pool. If you haven’t heard of pamukkale pools, they’re named for a town in western Turkey known for its mineral-rich thermal waters flowing down white travertine terraces on a nearby hillside, and famed for a cotton-like formation. While it’s not exactly like being in Turkey Village Hotel’s iteration isn’t half bad either- they do Aqua Zumba classes in there if you’re looking for an interesting workout!

    If you’re more of a family man, it’s not a bad spot to hang for a weekend too- each family room includes a kids’ welcome kit customised according to your kid’s age and gender, and the layout of each family room provides guests the flexibility to configure the room based on your preference, whether it is to set aside space for privacy or allow an open space for the entire family.

    Besides games, the kids kit also includes amenities such as bath toys for babies and infants, as well as child- friendly toiletries and safety corner protectors- so less things to lug to and fro the hotel!

    For More Information: www.villagehotels.com.sg

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  • Ritz Carlton Langkawi
    5 / 5 Ritz Carlton Langkawi

    Interesting factoid- Langkawi used to be a hideout for pirates! It’s come a long way from it’s rich, mysterious past though, and while it’s got many nicknames- the Isle of Legends and the Jewel of Kedah are two of the more popular ones- it’s one of the more popular tourist spots near Singapore that’s worth going, where the mountains meet the Andaman sea and high mountains with breathtaking views.

    If you’re looking for a good base-of-operations to conquer Langkawi and enjoy it’s best delights, you can’t go too wrong with it’s local Ritz Carlton, as their rooms are plush and pretty fab- we quite liked their Rainforest Villas- and it’s about a ten-minute cab ride to the main attraction of Langkawi, the cable car ride. It’s actually the steepest cable car ride on Earth and takes visitors up 708 metres above sea levels up Mount Machinchang, with breathtaking views of the surround islands and sea. We’ve been up Sugarloaf Mountain’s Gondola at Rio de Janeiro, and Table Mountain’s aerial cableway at Cape Town, and Langkawi’s is definitely up there (yes, pun intended) with the best in the world.

    But here’s one more reason we like the Ritz- the grub they serve is really top notch, especially at their chinese restaurant, Hai Yan. Our favourite items on the menu- their baked cod fish in honey sauce and garlic with stir-friend broccoli- really tasty and great for the diet. But really, everything else on their menu is absolutely scrumptious and it felt like a Michelin-star meal- you’ve got to try it to believe it!

    For More Information: http://www.ritzcarlton.com/en/hotels/malaysia/langkawi

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