5 Funniest Lessons Allan Wu Learnt While Hosting The Amazing Race Asia

  • Substance Over Style, Always
    1 / 6 Substance Over Style, Always

    “For all eleven seasons of three different versions of The Amazing Race franchise that I have hosted, I have never had any hair and make up done so that’s why you’ll see my hair all over the place and sweat dripping down my face.”

    “I guess if the producers or audience really did mind, then maybe we’d hire a hair and makeup artist to deal with that. But so far, we seem to be pretty good without them!”

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  • You'll Need The Wi-Fi Password
    2 / 6 You'll Need The Wi-Fi Password

    “This new season of The Amazing Race Asia has been a lot different in the sense that I have so much more to do at the pit stop while waiting for the teams to arrive.”

    “In the past, I’d have to bring something to read like magazines or books. But now with the internet, I can stay busy returning emails, reading news online, or checking out social media.”

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  • When Travelling, Take Care Of Your Body
    3 / 6 When Travelling, Take Care Of Your Body

    “The week before we began filming this new season, I started to notice that I was getting a weird feeling in my right eyelid. The next thing I knew, I had a serious eye infection called a ‘chalazion’ which I ultimately needed to have an eye doctor slice open and release the pus.”

    “If I didn’t make this emergency “Detour,” then I would’ve had this swollen eye lid for the rest of the season starting from the second leg.”

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  • Learn To Overcome Fear
    4 / 6 Learn To Overcome Fear

    “This new season also has me doing a lot more because we can share a lot of behind the scenes video content. While I’m normally excited about doing more, I wasn’t too pumped about having to test out all the exotic culinary delicacies in the Vietnam leg.”

    “Fortunately, I’ve got Fear Factor lineage, so I just powered through it even though it was all still pretty nasty, especially that rat and lizard!”

    The Amazing Race Asia airs every Thursday at 9pm on AXN Channel 511 (StarHub TV) & Channel 304 (Singtel TV)

    Images: The Amazing Race Asia/AXN/Sony Pictures Television Networks, Asia

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  • When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go
    5 / 6 When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

    “After working with a co-host for the first time, I now realise why The Amazing Race format prefers to use a male host, and it’s only because it’s easier for us men to go to the bathroom in “off the beaten path” remote places.”

    “I recall Tara Basro needing to use the ladies room and having to hike a distance to relieve herself. As for me, I just take a few steps to the nearest bush and help “water” the plants along the way!”

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    6 / 6 Allan Wu Is On the Cover Of Men's Health Magazine

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