10 Cars For Every Type Of Guy That Won Big At The ST-Torque Car Of The Year Awards 2017

  • Who are the big winners this year?
    1 / 11 Who are the big winners this year?

    The annual ST-Torque Awards has come, and we’re all itching to find out who won this year’s coveted Straits Times Car of the Year 2017 award.

    There were 12 judges on the ST-Torque Awards 2017 panel, headed by Christopher Tan, Senior Transport Correspondent of The Straits Times, Consulting Editor at Torque magazine and Singapore’s foremost motoring journalist for the past 30 years.

    Christopher’s co-driver in the judging panel was David Ting, Editor of Torque and a 22-year motoring media veteran

    The cars were judged based on nine criteria: performance, handling, ride, build quality, efficiency/economy, ergonomics, styling, value for money and the X factor.

    Ready for the ride? Let’s go!

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  • Best Compact SUV – Audi Q2
    2 / 11 Best Compact SUV – Audi Q2

    The Audi Q2 emerged as not only the Best Compact SUV but also top in terms of efficiency. This fun little SUV certainly packs a punch.

    “The little SUV from Audi surprises on several fronts. It has the sharpest handling in its class and punches way above its station. The interior is spartan, but well-thought-out. Its 1-litre 3-cylinder engine is pretty spunky, delivering nippy acceleration as long as you’re in the boost. Its ride is firm, but very well-controlled.” – Dr Andre Lam

    “What a happy, honest little car the Q2 is. Eagerly peppy, more spacious than its compact footprint would suggest, and keenly darty around bends, it’s that rare thing, a fun-to drive SUV.” – Edric Pan

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  • Best Executive Saloon – BMW 5 Series
    3 / 11 Best Executive Saloon – BMW 5 Series

    The BMW 5 Series took home Best Executive Saloon along with being the most ergonomic car among those nominated.

    “Simple things done simply well cannot be faulted. Sounds simple, no? Not really. This car is clearly the result of a German engineering force at the top of its game for seven generations, and never letting up. As good as a mid-size luxury car gets.” – Dr Kong Yongyao

    “It may not be the most exciting saloon, but it’s definitely more fun to drive than its predecessor. And I’m partial to the 530E performance.” – Jeremy Chua

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  • Best Flagship Saloon – Porsche Panamera
    4 / 11 Best Flagship Saloon – Porsche Panamera

    Winning the Best Flagship Saloon award was the Porsche Panamera. Deemed even better than its previous iteration, it also scored the highest in handling.

    “The Panamera is luxurious, sporty and better-looking than its predecessor, as it should be. And the Porsche gets a top 10 spot based on its reputation alone.” – Toh Yong Chuan

    “Started life as a contradiction, but went on to show everyone, like never before, that luxury cars can hustle. Finally even handsome, this is a car with astounding breadth of ability and crushing dynamism. Effectively an engorged 911, it’s too bad the Panamera is too wide for Lornie Road.” – Dr Kong Yongyao

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  • Best Family Saloon – Renault Megane Sedan
    5 / 11 Best Family Saloon – Renault Megane Sedan

    The simple and comfy Renault Megane Sedan was voted Best Family Saloon and is definitely a decent option for the family men out there.

    “The surprise entry for me is the Megane. It raises the bar on what a mass-market family notchback should be – high equipment level, comfortable ride and ample space, without the buyers having to burn a hole in the pocket. The Megane makes the Japanese sedans look bland.” – Toh Yong Chuan

    “Love the Megane’s road presence, snazzy interior and well-sorted ride. It has raised my expectations of what a family saloon can be.” – Jeremy Chua

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  • Best Seven-seater MPV – Renault Grand Scenic
    6 / 11 Best Seven-seater MPV – Renault Grand Scenic

    The Renault Grand Scenic impressed with its stylishness and ample size, taking Best Seven-seater MPV as well as scoring tops in value for money.

    “A good-size MPV for a typical family. Stylish inside and out, it looks more expensive than the price tag. I still cannot believe it comes with massive 20-inch wheels as standard.” – Sarjeet Singh

    “The Grand Scenic is a grand slam for Renault in the father-mother team sport of ferrying a brood from point to point. It’s a fantastique family van for the fairly vain family man.” – David Ting

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  • Best Seven-seater SUV – Mazda CX-9
    7 / 11 Best Seven-seater SUV – Mazda CX-9

    Looking for a big SUV? Go big or go home. The Mazda CX-9 won Best Seven-seater SUV among the contenders.

    “Few manufacturers are as true to their marketing blurb as the loveable, earnest Mazda. They delivered what they promised and have given us a giant that can dance. The CX-9 is a big SUV I could get behind.” – Dr Kong Yongyao

    “The new CX-9 is nicer to drive and more refined than its predecessor.” – Jeremy Chua

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  • Best Family Crossover – Peugeot 3008
    8 / 11 Best Family Crossover – Peugeot 3008

    The Best Family Crossover award goes to the Peugeot 3008. Sleek and stylish, the car was also top scorer in ride and you’d be hard-pressed to find something better.

    “The 3008 raises the bar on every front – build quality, equipment level, driveability, design and technology. You will be hard put to find another car in its price segment that offers so much.” – Christopher Tan

    “The superbly stylish 3008 is one of the best examples of a car maker listening to, and acting on, the feedback about a particular model. Peugeot fixed what was wrong and enhanced what was right. The end result is a spacious crossover with a supple ride and above-average handling. Then there’s the cabin – the company’s massive commitment to creating a high-quality, high-tech interior is obvious and very much appreciated.” – Tony Tan

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  • Best Family SUV – Volkswagen Tiguan
    9 / 11 Best Family SUV – Volkswagen Tiguan

    The Volkswagen Tiguan should definitely be what you’re gunning for if it’s a family-friendly SUV you’re after with it taking the Best Family SUV award.

    “A competent all-rounder and an improvement over the original. Like your trusty Swiss Army knife, it’s undeniably efficient.” – Lionel Seah

    “Impressive and compelling. The range-topping 2-litre Tiguan even puts the Audi Q3 in the shade.” – Jeremy Chua

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  • Best Premium SUV – Volvo XC60
    10 / 11 Best Premium SUV – Volvo XC60

    Top scorer in performance as well as winning the Best Premium SUV award is the Volvo XC60.

    “This Volvo is an accountant’s car no more. Still safe, but definitely not boring. The XC60 subtly encourages you to indulge the urge to live a little on the wild side and feed the need for speed, with the assurance that you are in safe hands.” – Lynn Tan

    “Volvo is on a roll. The 2017 XC60 shows that the successes of the XC90 in 2015 and the S/V90 in 2016 were not exceptions. The XC60 demonstrates that the Swedish automaker can consistently build cars that will rival the German luxury marques. Volvo has upped its game.” – Toh Yong Chuan

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  • Straits Times Car of the Year 2017 – Lexus LC500
    11 / 11 Straits Times Car of the Year 2017 – Lexus LC500

    One word: Sexy

    Voted the Straits Times Car Of The Year 2017 is the Lexus LC500! Winning by just 2 points over the Peugeot 3008, The LC500 is also the first Japanese car to win the award since 2010.

    “The LC500 looks like a million bucks, but costs half a million dollars without COE. So it’s a lot of cool V8 coupe for the money compared to the Maserati Granturismo and Lexus’ own RC F. The LC is sexy, special, and simply the coolest ST Car Of The Year since 2015’s BMW 8.” – David Ting

    “The Lexus LC500 is a multi-sensory experience. Its seductive and bold design is a beautiful sight to behold. Its svelte silhouette and premium finishes beckon to be caressed. Its V8 symphony is music to the ears, and the lingering scent of burnt rubber after a bout of enthusiastic driving lures you back behind the wheel. Having given you a taste of its wild side, it goes on to surprise you with its more subdued temperament, which proves to be every bit as delectable.” – Lynn Tan

    For a more detailed analysis of the judging and results, visit Torque.

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