by Loh Yu-kym

lethertakeover-1321097I was on the verge of an orgasm when he flipped me around – yet again. “Why don’t you let me take the lead?” I asked. “No, no. It’s only gentlemanly that I do the work,” he replied.

Guys, we really appreciate such enthusiasm. But over-enthusiasm can be counterproductive. And whenever a girl offers to take over, you really should just lie back and enjoy the pleasure. Here’s why.

Lose Control, Gain Pleasure
A man who has never given up control in bed may have experienced good sex, but he has yet to experience great sex, a wise sex guru once said. And there’s science to back it up.

Any uncertainty of what’s to come actually heightens sexual pleasure, thanks to wonderful adrenalin, says sexual psychologist Craig Mardus, PhD. “And a great way to make that adrenalin work for you is in the bedroom,” he adds.

She Loves Sex, Too
Many men still think they have a greater need for sex than women and, therefore, conclude that they should initiate sex and take the lead in bed. Take note, guys – we aren’t living in the Victorian age anymore. Women now want and enjoy sex as much as men. And as much as we love being pleasured, we, too, enjoy giving it – every once in a while.

We love it when we see our men appreciating our efforts. And what’s more, getting all hot and sweaty in bed is a good, high-intensity workout that comes loaded with pleasure.

You Don’t Know Your Body That Well
A man once told me: “There’s only one place on my body that I can be pleased.” That did nothing but tell me he really didn’t know his own body well, and probably didn’t know how to please a woman either.

So, men, take heed. There are areas other than your usual bull’s eye that, when stimulated, could give great pleasure – even greater than intercourse itself, according to some guys. The point is this: A woman may be willing to explore but, first, you’ve got to be open to the idea that you may have erogenous zones yet to be discovered.

If you’re wondering where those hot spots are, I can’t tell you because every man’s body is different. But the best person to tell you where they are would be your girl. It’s time to start exploring.

Unleash The Sex Kitten
Just as most men regard being bad in bed as the ultimate insult, women hate being thought of as “dead fish” or frigid. Give us a chance to be the sexy vixen that we want to be – even though we may not get everything right all the time.

Tell Her You’re Enjoying It
You must have heard that one of the ways to a woman’s heart is through her ears. That’s so true. The sounds you make and your body language speak volumes about her prowess. Even if there are awkward moments or hilarious blunders, don’t laugh at us (although it’s okay to laugh with us). And if you’re really enjoying it, remember to show it.