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If these stars on keto can stick to their diet, then so can you!

The ketogenic diet is all the rage right now. The idea is to eat plenty of fat and very few carbs, so that your body enters a fat-burning mode known as ketosis.

While there’s nothing new about the high-fat, low-carb eating plan, it’s getting a lot more mainstream attention, including from movie and TV stars. Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino has gone full “keto guido,” Halle Berry has ditched bread to stay slim and look more stunning than ever, and even LeBron James dabbled. Keto enthusiasts tend to believe that they feel full with fewer calories when indulging in rich meats.

How To Finally Lose Your Spare Tyre For Good

Here are the biggest celebrities who have committed to going keto.

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I’ve discovered the fountain of youth . You ready for it?….Stop eating sugars and grains and instead 98% of the time eat real food like whole eggs, bacon, butter, fatty steaks, fatty fish and plants and exercise a few times a week. When I ate sugars and grains I was 50lbs heavier and looked 10 years older . I look around and feel sad and angry for the majority of the population who are overweight and obese that have been taught to eat grains, use “healthy” margarines and oils, drink diet soda with artificial sweeteners,and stay away from saturated fats. This is why i started this page. To take away the stigma that saturated animal fat clogs your arteries and instead teach people the truth: sugars and grains will cause diseases and obesity before anything else. I bet if our older friends and relatives who suffer from chronic disease stopped eating sugars and grains and started eating real foods , in many cases would drop off their medication ( and not to mention, lose a shit ton of weight NATURALLY) But instead they are taught to eat whatever they want and let the medicine keep the disease in check 🙄…. until the medicine won’t save you anymore .. I’m speaking generally because everyone’s food sensitivity is different , but in most cases this will be the truth. #ketoguido #keto #ketosis

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The Jersey Shore cast members have savvily built their own individual brands beyond the hit MTV show (which is now back). Vinny found his niche when he dropped 50 pounds and got cut through exercise as well as adherence to keto. He now shares advice and motivation on his @ketoguido Instagram account. And he even sticks to the diet on Jersey Shore (or tries to, anyway), once pulling cheese off a delivery pizza for the Shore crew and shovelling it in his mouth, sans crust. He also loves a salmon-and-cream cheese roll.

It’s hard not to wonder what Berry does to continue looking flawless at age 52. While there may be no hope of achieving her clear, luminous skin for most mortals, she has endorsed the power of the keto lifestyle for her figure and managing her diabetes. She explained on Live with Kelly and Ryan that “a ketogenic diet is no sugar, no carbs. Nothing white.” The actress sticks to fatty foods like avocados, coconut oil, and butter. “You can eat a big-ass porterhouse steak if you want. You just can’t have the baked potato,” she said in another interview. As she’s shown on Instagram, she ditches lunchtime sandwiches for prosciutto rolls that look mighty tasty.

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By Paul Schrodt

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