The decision to ask for a woman’s hand in marriage is one the biggest life-changing decisions a man can make. Beyond coming to terms with what such a commitment entails, planning just how to pop that question can be immensely stressful, not to mention nerve-racking.

Compounding that is the uncertainty and possible exasperation over how to sieve through the numerous shapes, cuts, sizes and details to pick out that perfect rock to seal the seal.

Well, it doesn’t have to be this way. Here are five tips from Fonder Diamond ( to help you to pick out the engagement ring in Singapore your intended will love and cherish forever.

1/ Know Your Budget

First things first: Do not go overboard with your spending. Do your sums and determine a budget that is comfortable for you. What’s most important is getting the best value, and this is where boutiques like Fonder Diamond can fill that need with diamonds directly sourced from wholesalers, cutting out the middleman and passing the value saved back to you.

According to Fonder Diamond, you can enjoy substantial savings at its store – up to a whopping 60 per cent – compared to other jewellers. Fonder Diamond also offers a price guarantee*, and will match prices if you find comparable grade diamonds at a lower price elsewhere.

Take a look Diamond Prices in Singapore from Fonder Diamond,

2/ Widen Your Scope

Don’t just limit your diamond search to big-brand names. They may seem less enticing, but local brands like Fonder Diamond are just as capable of offering the same quality, value and style with excellent service.

In fact, Fonder Diamond offers a wide variety of options to suit almost every taste and preference, thanks to its worldwide network and inventory. This includes different cuts and shapes, such as heart, marquise and Asscher cut, which are not commonly found in typical commercial stores. If you want something unusual, you can even choose rare coloured diamonds, ranging from yellow to pink to purple.

Take a look different shape diamond inventory from Fonder Diamond: Round Cut Diamond, Princess Cut Diamond, Cushion Cut Diamond, Emerald Cut Diamond, Radiant Cut Diamond, Pear Shape Diamond, Oval Shape Diamond

3/ Understand the “Super Ideal Cut” Beyond the 4Cs

You may have heard of the 4Cs – Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat – as the traditional grading standard of a diamond’s quality and value, but they cannot accurately describe the true beauty of a diamond as viewed by the human eye. A diamond’s true beauty is linked to its Light Performance and very little people are aware of this, much less how to select it. This is why even with similar 4Cs grading, some diamonds appear larger and sparkle more brilliantly than others (as per picture below).




Diamonds that have superior light performance are termed as Super Ideal Cut diamonds and these are highly sought after by those who know.

So how do we determine the light performance of these premium diamonds? Theoretically the light performance of a diamond is mostly determined by its geometrical proportion, a pure mathematical calculation of 4 factors of a round diamond: 1.Depth, 2.Table, 3.Crown angle and 4.Pavilion angle. (Picture Below)


There are various tools available to calculate the Super Ideal Cut Score of a diamond and one of them is the HCA tool. You just need to key in the values of the 4 factors (usually found in the diamond certificates) into the formula at

Fonder Diamond has developed its own method to value a diamond’s potential light performance (Super Ideal Cut Score) and it has scored every of the 100,000 diamonds in its inventory.

The result? Fonder Diamond customers can easily pick diamonds with superior light performance, simply by looking out for these diamonds with Red Mark beside cut on their website. You can even filter the results to show only such diamonds, if you’ve already decided that that’s the kind of stone you’d like to get. See the screen catch below from Fonder Diamond Website.



Therefore when you buy diamonds, don’t just settle for a good 4Cs grade, go beyond and ask for Super Ideal Cut diamonds. Unlike many stores which sell these Super Ideal Cut diamonds at a premium price, Fonder Diamonds offers these at no extra mark-up.

To find out more about why the Super Ideal Cut diamond so rare and why Fonder Diamond is able to see them at no extra mark-up, please can click the link here.

4/ Do Your Research Online


In the same way you go into marriage with your eyes wide open, the internet makes it very convenient to read up on and even browse diamonds online. One excellent trick is to do your browsing through sites like Fonder Diamond, which has a range of excellent resources ranging from search options to 360-degree videos of the stones.

Here, the price, carat, cut, colour and other details for every diamond is clearly indicated, so you know exactly what you are buying. Plus, with its user-friendly search function, you can easily find and compare stones according to your budget or preferences. You’ll save time as you no longer need to go from shop to shop to enquire and compare!

With better sense of what to expect, you would be better equipped with knowledge to head to the showroom to discuss your choices and how you might like them to be set on a ring.

5/ See Certification

Having done all your research, finalised your sums and decided on a diamond, the last thing to make sure is that your stone is certified to the exact specifications you are paying for. All the stones at Fonder Diamond come GIA-certified from the Gemological Institute of America for quality assurance.

Get your diamonds at or visit its showroon at 20 Ayer Rajah Crescent #08-01. For more information, call 6820-3338, e-mail or log on to its Facebook page at and on Instagram @fonderdiamond.