6 Reasons Why Losing Weight Is The Best Thing You’ll Ever Do

  • 1) Burn, Baby, Burn
    1 / 6 1) Burn, Baby, Burn

    Your bespoke fat suit is from years of eating more calories than you’ve been burning. “Start consuming fewer calories than you need, so that your body turns to its fat cells for energy instead,” says Dr Jack Edmonds, weight loss advisor at The London Clinic. Then the lumpy skin pockets these fat cells are stored in will begin to deflate, and that suit becomes a bit more figure-hugging. The fat is then absorbed into your liver, kidney and muscles.

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  • 2) Skin Tight
    2 / 6 2) Skin Tight

    “Controlling weight loss with diet and exercise means your skin will shrink to fit your body, thanks to its elasticity,” says Dr Ian Campbell, an obesity specialist. “To maintain the collagen that provides this elasticity, drink eight glasses of water a day and eat vitamin C-rich fruits like guava and kiwis,” says Amanda Ursell, author of The Complete Guide To Healing Foods. Skimp on the fruit and your skin will be baggier than jeans from the 1990s.

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  • 3) Sleep Soundly
    3 / 6 3) Sleep Soundly

    “Being overweight disrupts sleep and leads to snoring,” says Marianne Davey, director of the British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association. Lose flab to reduce the neck’s fatty tissues, which squeeze your airways. Dropping 10 per cent of excess weight can improve sleep by two hours a night, found the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

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  • 4) Happy Days
    4 / 6 4) Happy Days

    Gut-busting makes you feel good. “By breaking down fat, you’re producing energy-boosting by-products called ketones,” says Dr Edmonds. “Your brain prefers these to its normal energy source – glucose. As a result, it gets revved up and releases a cocktail of feel-good chemicals.” But eat regular, small meals and sip water all day. “If ketones build up, your blood becomes acidic, making you weak and lethargic,” warns Dr Edmonds.

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  • 5) Clear Your Pipes
    5 / 6 5) Clear Your Pipes

    University of Texas research shows a 10 per cent weight drop reduces blood pressure, halves your diabetes risk and cuts LDL (bad) cholesterol by 15 per cent. The trump card: lose 4.5kg for better sex. “Conditions linked to being overweight can cause arteries in the penis to shut down,” says Dr Andrew McCullough, director of sexual health at New York University. Lose weight to keep yours flowing.

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  • 6) Double Your Savings
    6 / 6 6) Double Your Savings

    In the UK, obesity has more than doubled in the past 18 years, and the average male spends $180 a week on junk food and booze. In the US, obese Americans pay more for health care each year than do normal-weight adults. It’s not difficult to make a connection and appreciate the financial benefits of staying lean. Save on the unhealthy snack habit and you will also save on the unnecessary medical expenses in the future.

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