Why You Should Introduce Resistance Bands Into Your Workouts


    Impossible to find lightweight and inexpensive workout equipment? Give resistance bands a try. They can transform even your simplest workout moves into something intense. Read on to find out how these bands could possibly be the best thing you have ever incorporated into your fitness routine.

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  • 1. The bands let you strength train without any weights
    2 / 6 1. The bands let you strength train without any weights

    Don’t have a gym membership and can’t be bothered to buy a stack of dumbbells for your workouts? Resistance bands are a fantastic alternative. They are extremely durable bands with a handheld grip designed at either end. They are really hard to stretch and will prove to be a great challenge for your muscles. Hold the middle part of the band down with your feet and bring your elbows close to your body to perform some bicep curls. Your muscles will need to work hard to bring the handles up, eventually toning up your arms. Other than toning your arms and chest, slip a resistance loop band up your thighs and hold the resistance while performing your squats to maximise calorie burn!

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  • 2. The resistance of the bands are adjustable.
    3 / 6 2. The resistance of the bands are adjustable.

    Don’t worry if you have eased yourself into the resistance of your band because these bands are adaptable enough to provide different amounts of resistance. Either double it over for twice the resistance or increase the number of times you circle it around a pole before you do your arm-toning workouts.

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  • 3. It provides an all-rounded workout.
    4 / 6 3. It provides an all-rounded workout.

    Resistance bands can be used to strengthen your arms, chest, legs and even butt! Using those body parts to resist against the durable bands helps by building lean muscle mass and improving your strength. Increasing the number of repetitions is also a great way to build stamina. As the elasticity of the bands allows for a wider range of movement, they will gradually improve your flexibility. There’s more! It helps with balance as well because it’s very important that you stabilise your body while working against the resistance of the band. Just one band- and all these benefits!

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  • 4. It can be used anywhere.
    5 / 6 4. It can be used anywhere.

    Slip it in your bag for a quick and easy workout during lunch. You can even use it at your desk to work your biceps or triceps if you don’t mind garnering a few stares. Being so lightweight and portable, you now no longer have any excuse for that workout hiatus during your holidays. Super easy to use, you these little bands will help you burn off your extra holiday calories right in the comfort of your hotel room. They also take up virtually no space so finding storage place isn’t a problem either.

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  • 5. Great for low-impact workouts.
    6 / 6 5. Great for low-impact workouts.

    Using resistance bands is a low-impact workout as they go easy on the joints. It is definitely a good substitute for regular weight trainers who experience frequent joint pains. This band is injury-free!

    By Divyata Raut for SHAPE

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