This Singapore Fitness Influencer Went From Gaming Junkie To Gym Rat

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    Wesley Ee has around 14k followers on Instagram (@chipster_wes). But while he posts regularly about his progress at the gym and many a shirtless selfie, this 27 year old insurance agent confessed that the only workout he used to do was “exercising my fingers playing computer games.” Overweight since he was a child, Wesley tipped the scales at 90kg when he was just 20. He shares with Men’s Health how he brought the weight down to 67kg, started building muscle, and now stands at 75kg.

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  • Visual motivation always helps
    2 / 5 Visual motivation always helps

    “At the height of my computer game obsession, I could play up to 16 hours a day. And one day I came to the realisation that while I was spending all this time building up my online character, outside of the virtual world, I was nobody impressive.

    It woke me up, and I wanted to make a change. I figured that if I could spend so much time training my online avatar, I could use the same dedication for my ‘offline’ self as well. So I told myself I wanted to lose weight and see my abs before I turned 21. I put this mantra on my computer wallpaper so whenever I was tempted to slack off, it was a reminder to stick to this goal.”

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  • YouTube was his personal trainer
    3 / 5 YouTube was his personal trainer

    “When I first started out, changing my diet and being disciplined to exercise every day was really hard. I watched motivational videos on YouTube, and found videos for the Insanity workout, which promised visible abs by the end of the programme. It definitely worked for me.

    Today, I work out three to four times a week, with a routine that centres around a few compound movements – squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, pull-ups and dips. Once you see the results, it’s addictive. Now, I find exercise a habit that’s also my biggest form of stress relief.”

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  • Watch what you’re drinking
    4 / 5 Watch what you’re drinking

    “My followers on social media and my friends do ask me for fitness advice. The most common question I get isn’t actually about working out, but on nutrition and how to eat clean. I tell them that the easiest change to make is to swop liquid calories for zero calories. It’s a small thing that makes a lot of difference. Replace your soda, bubble tea and alcohol for water and tea. It all adds up.

    I do count calories on an app called MyFitnessPal, but I don’t see it as a diet. It’s more of a lifestyle. If I know that I’ll overeat for dinner, I build a buffer and go for a run. We’re only human, after all.”

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  • Don’t be obsessed with numbers
    5 / 5 Don’t be obsessed with numbers

    “When you see your weight plateau, it doesn’t mean you’ve stopped burning fat – and that’s the main motivation. You’ll hit a point where the weight may stabilise, but if you continue working out over a long period of time, your body composition will change. I tell my friends, do you want to weigh 50kg and look 70kg, or weigh 70kg and look 50kg? It’s all about the mirror rather than the scales.”

    By Clara How; images from Wesley Ee

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