Don Don Donki SG: Build More Muscles With These 7 Interesting Supplements

    1 / 8 DON, DON, DON, DONKI

    Don Quijote, the largest discount store in Japan, has finally arrived at our shores with a 2-storey outlet at Orchard Central, marking its first Southeast Asian branch. However, because there is already a Spanish restaurant with the name ‘Don Quijote’ at Dempsey hill, the discount store is known as ‘Don Don Donki’ here, after its trademark tune.

    Packed with food, snacks, beauty items, drinks and household products, it is essentially, a Japanese version of Mustafa.

    And since the Japanese are known to have interesting, crazy, and some say, wild flavours in their foods (chili Kit-kat, anyone?), here are 7 fitness supplements that we’ve found there which you can try if you get tired with your boring vanilla flavoured whey protein shake.



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  • Matcha Whey Protein Powder
    2 / 8 Matcha Whey Protein Powder

    Adding more protein to your diet can enhance your muscle gains from weight training, a new review and meta-analysis from the British Journal of Sports Medicine concludes. While you’re at it, try this matcha flavoured one, which will give your taste buds a kick aside from the normal vanilla/chocolate/cookies & cream variants.

    Alpron Matcha whey protein powder, $17.90 for 250g

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  • Strawberry Soy Protein Powder
    3 / 8 Strawberry Soy Protein Powder

    For those who are lactose-intolerant, this soy protein powder is the answer for those who needs to get their protein shakes but cannot opt for the normal diary-based ones.

    Alpron soy protein powder, $29.90 for 500g

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  • HMB Bottle Set
    4 / 8 HMB Bottle Set

    In case you are wondering, the ‘H’ stands for hydroxy, wheres ‘MB’ stands for methyl butyrate, both of which are said to increase muscle size and boost athletic performance.

    HMB shaker set, $59.50

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  • Forskolin power plus
    5 / 8 Forskolin power plus

    This supplement is a fat burner and diet supplement, and contains ingredients that increases lean body mass, help burn fats, and improves your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and vitamins.

    $21.90 for a pack. 

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  • Weider In Jelly (Energy)
    6 / 8 Weider In Jelly (Energy)

    Great for a pick-me-up just before your gym workout, or halfway during a marathon, this jelly is absorbed into the body faster than the starches found in rice or bread.

    $2.90 for one packet.

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  • Weight Up Protein Powder
    7 / 8 Weight Up Protein Powder

    This protein powder acts as a mass gainer, and dissolves easily into plain water, and comes in mixed fruit flavours, which was sold out when we went there.

    $42.90 for 1200g pack.

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  • Let's Reset!
    8 / 8 Let's Reset!

    A punny name aside, these capsules act as a diet supplement for people who feel that they have been overeating over the festive period. Its ingredients, like bioperine, help to improve the absorbency of nutrients and vitamins.

    $19.90 for 1 packet of 99 capsules. 

    Images and text by Nicholas Woo

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