Change Your Body Shape- This Hot Singapore-Based Trainer Shares How!

  • It Begins With A Dream
    1 / 4 It Begins With A Dream

    With her muscular bod, Colombian-born Sara May García Pérez doesn’t look like your average gym bunny – nor does she want to. The 40-year-old TripleFit trainer does it all – a two-hour workout session, six times a week that includes core and strength training, Latin dance, CrossFit, cardio and yoga. Having competed in sports since she was five, she’s always looking to push herself and her clients past their preconceived limits.

    “Throughout my childhood I’ve done many sports: swimming, tennis, basketball and ballet. I first started teaching when I was in university. I had to find a way to pay for my education, so I got myself certified for teaching cycling and pilates classes. When my friends were partying, my dream was to become a fitness instructor.”

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  • One Part Diet, One Part Discpline
    2 / 4 One Part Diet, One Part Discpline

    “My job is about having that face to face contact with a client. I like helping them, getting to know them and encourage them. I tell them they are here because they want to change something about themselves, but they should also know that as people, they are beautiful. When they love their body, the process becomes smoother.

    I start off by asking my clients to find a realistic fitness goal, before we come up with a nutrition plan and a workout programme, depending on what their physical condition and aims are. I also encourage others by sharing my fitness passion on social media. My followers can see what I eat, how I train myself and other people. Some people do message me to ask for training advice, and I answer when I can.”

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  • You've Got To Compete
    3 / 4 You've Got To Compete

    “I’ve always had that competitive spirit in me, because I was a swimmer when I was a child, and then discovered mountain biking and hiking. After coming to Singapore, I missed having that competitive experience. So when I discovered CrossFit, I realised it was a combination of strength and cardio – two things that I’m good at. I came first in a CrossFit open competition and placed second in my first bikini competition last year. It was a great experience, and I’m currently preparing for my second bikini competition at the end of October.”

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  • Diet Matters
    4 / 4 Diet Matters

    “I started bikini competitions because I was curious about body building. I understand that some clients want to go on stage and compete, and felt that if I tried it myself, it would give me first-hand knowledge so I can help others. Preparing for the competition was fun, but it was a huge challenge in terms of diet, because you have to make compromises on your social life. You have to stay strong and stick to it – I call my friends and family to keep me on track.

    Text by Clara How, images by Sara May

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