The Best Exercise Moves That Guarantees You Instant Results

  • The Benefits?
    1 / 3 The Benefits?

    These workouts mean you’ll fill out your shirts and pants a little better, and maybe catch the eye of that leggy brunette grabbing a drink at the bar.

    But looking bigger isn’t the only last-minute appearance boost your exercises can help you with. Choosing the right ones can improve your posture, too—making you look taller and leaner, while giving you the kind of presence that’ll make you stand out.

    In fact, an expansive, widespread posture—as opposed to a hunched-over one—can help you feel more powerful, increase levels of testosterone, and lower your levels of the stress hormone cortisol, a study in Psychological Science found. In short, carry yourself the right way, and it can make you feel powerful, and it may even change your body chemistry, too. 

    So yes, you should be playing the long game with your fitness routine. But sometimes, you just want a little instant gratification. Men’s Health fitness editor Ebenezer Samuel created this workout for when you just want to look better, right now. You can do all of these exercises for a full body pump and postural reset, or you can pick a few for a quick pre-outing tune up.

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  • 1. Your Get-Pumped Workout
    2 / 3 1. Your Get-Pumped Workout


    Make sure to squeeze the bicep for one count at peak contraction. The word “concentration” is in the name for a reason. You should be focusing on the mind-muscle connection to your bicep.

    Reps should be controlled with no swinging, says Samuel. Do 4 total sets, resting 45 to 60 seconds between each one.



    Get to 50 in as few sets as you can with good form and full range of motion. Like the biceps, the pecs easily and quickly flush with blood, helping fill out your upper body and contributing to a V-taper, he says.

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    Chinups are easier than pullups, so you’ll be able to crank out enough volume to really pump up your back and biceps, Samuel says.

    Aim to achieve the total number of reps in as few sets as possible. Perform these with full range of motion as well for the ultimate pump.

    4. GOBLET SQUAT: 12 TO 15 REPS

    Hold the bottom of each rep for 1to 2 seconds for max pump effect, Samuel says.

    Because of the weight placement in front of your body putting emphasis on the quads, it doesn’t take a ton of weight to blow them up. These can be done with a kettlebell or dumbbell. Perform 3 total sets.


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  • 2. Your Stand-Tall Workout
    3 / 3 2. Your Stand-Tall Workout

    These moves will help you become aware of your posture, and open up areas that often force us into hunched positions.


    Most people don’t use their abs to pull in their rib cages, leading to flared out ribs. When you learn to pull your ribs down, your overall posture and core stability will improve and your midsection will look more compact, says Samuel.

    The hollow-body rock is the ultimate core exercise to teach you to how keep those ribs tucked down. Perform 3 total sets, resting for 15 seconds between each. 

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    People spend much of their day in the seated position while at a desk, eating at a table, staring at their phone, or driving. The prone cobra is the complete opposite of the modern hunched-over position. It activates your backside muscles, pulls the shoulder blades down and back into their rightful position, and opens up the chest.

    Your shoulder girdle and chest will appear wider as everything in the area is properly open and/or set in its place, says Samuel. Do 3 total sets, holding each rep for 4 to 5 seconds.

    3. GLUTE BRIDGE: 10 TO 12 REPS

    Ideally you’ll want to place a dumbbell or straight bar over your hips for added resistance, says Samuel.

    You can also place a miniband around your thighs to activate your glutes. A tucked-in (posterial tilt) or over-extended (anterior tilt) pelvis will lead to postural misalignment and slumped shoulders. While keeping your ribs tucked in—like you learned with the hollow-body hold—bridging your hips up will help reposition them. Perform 3 sets.

    By Naomi Nazario

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