3 Dumbbell Curling Exercises For Bigger Biceps

  • 1. Hammer Curl
    1 / 3 1. Hammer Curl

    Start: Sitting or standing, hold a pair of dumbbells with a neutral grip and let them hang at arm’s length. 

    Finish: Slowly curl the weights up toward your shoulders without changing your wrist position. Keep your upper arms tucked against your sides throughout. This grip targets the outer head of the biceps, the brachialis, and the brachioradialis.

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    We won’t do the entire list, but just about any variation that you can do with an underhand (supinated) grip you can also do with the hammer grip. Try alternating, piston-style, and inclined variations (especially inclined, since that position already stresses the outer head of the biceps).

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  • 2. 45-Degree Prone Curl
    2 / 3 2. 45-Degree Prone Curl

    Start: Grab two dumbbells with an underhand grip and lean against a 45-degree incline bench with your arms hanging straight down.

    Finish: Curl the weights straight up, keeping your upper arms perpendicular to the floor and your wrists in a fixed position. 

    Same as before: You can do these with a hammer grip, with supination, alternating, piston-style, or Zottman-style. Mix ’em, match ’em, trade ’em with your friends.

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  • 3. Zottman Curl
    3 / 3 3. Zottman Curl

    Start: Position yourself as you would for a seated or standing curl: Hold two dumbbells straight down with an underhand grip.

    Finish: Perform a standard curl. After squeezing your biceps at the top, turn the weights around so your palms face forward. Then lower the weights, taking care to resist gravity on the way down. At the bottom position, switch back to the original supinated grip.

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