Eminem’s new album, Revival, just dropped last week, and in typical Eminem style, it’s full of unbelievable rhymes and controversial lyrics that don’t hold back on emotion. Besides his raw talent, though, the rapper’s appeal has always been that he relates to the average man, even as he’s achieved colossal success. In a recent interview with Vulture, Eminem revealed that he still faces normal-guy struggles, particularly when it comes to dating.

“Since my divorce I’ve had a few dates and nothing’s panned out in a way that I wanted to make it public,” he told Vulture‘s David Marchese. “Dating’s just not where I’m at lately.”

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The artist behind some of the greatest pump-up songs of all time has always been very revealing about his relationship with ex-wife Kimberly Mathers. She’s been the subject of more than a few of his songs, with lyrics ranging from snapshots into their tumultuous relationship to revenge fantasies. The two were high school sweethearts, marrying first in 1999, divorcing in 2001, then re-marrying and divorcing in 2006.

Apparently in the 11 years since their most recent divorce was finalized, the rapper has been playing the field, but not to much success. “When you were dating, how’d you meet people? Tinder?” asked Marchese. “I mean, yeah,” responded Eminem. Marchese asked if he was being serious, to which the rapper responded, “Yeah, Tinder.”

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Obviously, being one of the most successful rappers of all-time doesn’t make dating after divorce any easier. But it doesn’t seem to bother Eminem that much. When Marchese asked if fame was lonely for him, the rapper responded, “Am I lonely? No, I’m good. Thanks for asking though.”

By Reegan von Wildenradt

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