How you dress for work can set the right tone and signal to your boss and colleagues that you’re gunning to go places. We’ve put together three sharp looks that will fit nicely in any work environment.

A. Show Off Your Flair
Office Dress Code: Free and Easy

You work in a creative environment and your flair is your edge. Show it by combining contrasting colours and types of clothing to create a harmonious outfit. We’ve mixed warm red and yellow with cool midnight blue, and a patterned shirt to complement solid-coloured trousers.

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B. Spiffy Not Stuffy
Office Dress Code: Smart

Here’s how to look sharp but not too stiff – by adding a “wow” piece to a basic office ensemble. A sweater with a bold stripe pattern enhances the width of your torso, which helps to “beef up” a slimmer guy. Rounder fellows can achieve the same effect with a solid-coloured sweater.

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C. Stay Sharp For Success
Office Dress Code: Business

Your office epitomises the fast-paced, professional corporate environment. To show that you mean business, trim away excess bulge and folds by wearing a shirt and trousers that fit. Invest in minor alterations to achieve this with ready-to-wear pieces.

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