Gabriel Yap wanted to be in shape by the time he hit 40, and he got ripped after losing over 6kg.

NAME: Gabriel Yap
PREV WEIGHT: 87.8kg / 19.7% body fat
CURRENT WEIGHT: 81.1kg / 11.1% body fat
HEIGHT: 1.85m

Gabriel Yap wanted to get in shape before the big 4-O. His hard work and dedication lead to his phenomenal transformation.


Gabriel’s fitness struggles go back to when he was a teenager in secondary school. “I decided to hit the gym when my waistline tipped about 40 inches,” he recalls. “Then I started weight training in secondary school and in Uni. I lost weight, but I never really got the results I wanted.”

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After 20 years of working out and trying to maintain his diet, Gabriel still wasn’t happy with his results. Encountering sport-related injuries along the way stalled his progress, and his career and family took up most of his time.  He decided professional help was the way to go to make some big changes before 40.

“I wanted to be in shape when I hit 40 years old. The big 4-O. That was my main motivation,” he explained.


Gabriel first took notice of Ultimate Performance (UP) around his workplace when he would see some of their clients’ before and after pictures. “That always piqued my interest, but I only actually signed up with them probably after a year later after looking through their Facebook pictures. That’s how I got started.”


Gabriel had tried several different diets and programmes that he purchased online before his transformation. Unfortunately, he got frustrated when he found it tough to stick to them and couldn’t see the results he wanted.

Having tried everything from intermittent fasting to carb cycling on his own with varying success, Gabriel found that the more personalised assistance from UP helped him stick to his diet more easily than before.


“The training was very intense, way more intense than I expected it to be,” Gabriel said. “I’ve been weight training for the past 20 years, and UP just brought weight training to a whole different level. Different regime, different ways of training, a more scientific approach to doing things.”

He credits his trainer, Daniel, for helping him through this 12-week journey and fine-tuning his diet and training when required.


Gabriel saw results in just the first few weeks which was what motivated him. “I feel a lot lighter and a lot fitter,” he said. “I fall sick a lot less, and I have a lot more energy when doing things.”

His family and colleagues have been so impressed by his progress in such a short time that he managed to get them to begin their own fitness transformation journeys.

His advice for men like him approaching 40 is simple – Put in the effort, stick to your plan, and know what you’re getting out of your training.

“If you really want to do it, a little bit of discipline is all you need, plus the right advice and the right training.”

By Gilbert Wong, Men’s Health Content Producer

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