Being Single: Why It Might Be Better Off Than Getting Married

Valentine’s day is approaching, you don’t have a girlfriend or even a date. Don’t need to be envious, or feel that you’re lonely. After all, you could be better off being single.

According to an article published in Independent, multiple studies have shown that people who are singles tend to reap more benefit than their married counterparts. In a 2015 study, singles are found to reach out to their friends more, and also receiving and providing more help compared to those who were married.

According to the study, being single increases the social connections of both women and men.

We all know how important friends are, besides your family members, friends are the next most important thing you need to keep you happy and healthy especially when you grow older.

Another study, in the journal Social Science and Medicine, shows that being single also results in better fitness when compared with married couples. A survey has found that those who were single, tend to work out more regularly every week and in a study has shown that, on average, being single results in a slightly lower BMI, and were 2kg lighter than their married counterparts.

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While being single, you could actually dedicate more time in working out, which contributes to your fitness, health and definitely your looks.

Singles could also develop more from personal growth and learning, as you have more alone time and will be able to undergo new experiences and will be able to be more productive in your work and learning as well due to having more personal time and fewer distractions.

With all these benefits of being single, does that mean you should stay single for the rest of your life? Well, it depends on your individual aspects of life, if you feel that being single is the way for you, then go ahead.

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Though there is nothing wrong in having a partner or being married, you will still reap the benefits of being in a relationship. Ultimately it comes down to what you prefer, but the misconception of being can be lonely and desperate to get into a relationship are certainly not true, and being single is not something to feel bad about.

If you’re still single at this moment, enjoy while you can. And those who already have someone in your life, treasure them.