Everyone wants to lose weight faster, but how do you even start? Group exercise classes could be the answer.

Working out is tough, more so when done alone. Getting yourself into a group exercise setting comes with all sorts of benefits for your mental and physical health – and at the end of it, you may lose weight more quickly as well. Here are the reasons why.

It’s easier to stick to your goals

The action of signing up for an exercise class is a ritualistic commitment. Plus, backing out of classes means money wasted. This means, you’re more likely to attend the classes that you’ve booked. In contrast, when you work out alone, it takes more discipline to stick to a schedule and the intensity – who’s going to push you for five more reps in good form?

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You have friends all around you to encourage you

If material liabilities aren’t convincing enough, you also will also have your newfound friends waiting for you. At the studio or gym and particularly in a Crossfit class, everyone’s rooting for one another to do more and push harder.

Dian Griesel, co-author of a metabolism advice book Turbo Charged, said that working out with a crowd enhances consistency, duration, motivation, conversation, as well as inspiration. Instead of having one workout buddy, you have a whole room giving you positive peer pressure.

Working out in a group will boost your confidence

Working out in a group of people can be scary at first, especially when you’re worried about embarrassing yourself. But fret not, the insecurity only lasts a little while. You will soon realise that no one is there to judge you – everyone is more concerned with meeting their own fitness goals while cheering the group on. Once you gain strength and muscle tone, you’ll be motivated attend more workouts.

You have a teacher to guide you

Having a trainer is always tremendously helpful for a workout newbie. You get to discuss your priorities, set goals and figure out the right moves or modifications to suit your fitness level or physical limitations. Plus, he or she will check on your form so you can be sure you are exercising the right muscles and hitting all your reps.

By Carissa Wong for Shape

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