Your regular weights sessions aren’t giving you the bulging, rippling biceps you wanted? Try these three exercises to grow bigger biceps and more powerful arms. 

Cable Curl
Do one to three sets of the one-and-a-quarter cable curl. Do four to six slow repetitions in each set. This exercise forces your biceps to contract twice on each rep, increasing their “peak.” Strength training also increases the amount of blood flow in your body, which makes veins bigger.

So alternate these cable curls with sets of pushup to maximise your muscle bulk, and drop fat with aerobic exercise and a low-fat diet. Keep at it for a while and your veins will pop like bungee cords.

Static-Hold Dumbbell Curl
If your biceps aren’t getting any bigger, even though you exercise them regularly, try a static-hold dumbbell curl. Grab a pair of dumbbells with an underhand grip and hold them at arm’s length in front of your upper thighs. Raise your right forearm so that your elbow is bent 90 degrees and hold it there. (This is the static-hold part.) Then curl the dumbbell in your left hand toward your chest as far as you can without moving your right arm.

Continue holding your right arm at 90 degrees while you perform six to eight repetitions with your left arm. After you finish, switch arms so you’re curling your right arm while performing the static hold with your left arm. Do two or three sets with each arm. By holding your non-curling arm at a 90-
degree angle, you’ll keep the muscles under 
tension and improve your strength in the most difficult part of the lift. 

Desk Curls
Here’s an exercise you can do in your office with a light pair of dumbbells. It’s called the desk curl. Place a phone book on your desk. Grab a dumbbell, sit down and lean forward so that your upper arm is resting on the phone book and the dumbbell is nearly touching the desk. Slowly curl the weight to your shoulder. Pause, and then slowly lower it back to the desk. Repeat 10 times and switch arms.