Do breath mints really work?

Yes – but only in the short-term, says Dr Leong Hon Chiew from Dr HC Leong Dental Surgeon ( Still, pick your mints carefully, he says, as most are packed with a high sugar content, which actually encourages oral bacteria growth that can cause bad breath. The worst time to […]

2 Yoga Moves You Can Do In The Gym

This will open your hips and shoulders. Sit and cross one leg over the other, heels close to buttocks. Stretch your left arm out to the side. Arch your chest forward, then lower your arm, wrapping your left hand up behind and between your shoulder blades, fingers pointing up, palm […]

Reduce Body Fat Fast

For whatever reason, you don’t want to go to the gym, spend money on equipment, or even leave your room to work out. Here are 5 easy, fuss-free exercises to help you cut down the flab. Do three sets of these exercises in the following circuit: 20 JUMP SQUATS Do […]