MH Woman: Linda Liao

You may recognise Taiwanese celebrity Linda Liao as a singer, MTV VJ and actress but professional gamer? This beautiful lady does it all, it seems. She is a reigning champion in StarCraft II and one of the top guns in Asia. Men’s Health goes 1v1 against the Gaming Queen of […]

Soy Sauce – Dark or Light Side?

DASHING DIPS Three main variations of soy sauce exist: light (lighter in colour, non-viscous and with a saltier flavour), dark (aged longer than light, thicker, richer and slightly sweet) and sweet (a thick, sweet sauce usually used for dipping) – each with varying nutritional content, says Vivianna Wou, a nutritionist […]

MH Interview: Matthew Inman, The Oatmeal

Loading posts… Online entrepreneur/cartoonist Matthew Inman, creator of The Oatmeal, a website chock-full of in-your-face comics and articles dedicated to satire, is certainly not your regular, pasty-faced Internet geek working from the basement of his mother’s house. This web-design veteran of 16 years has probably completed more races that you […]