Why Your Orgasms Get Worse With Age

Father Time is an asshole. He causes wrinkles and pains. He even messes with your orgasms, according to Darius Paduch, M.D., Ph.D., an associate professor of urology and reproductive medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine. Here’s a look into how aging affects the Big O, and the best ways to keep […]

Boost Your Sex Drive With 12 Healthy Foods

Loading posts… 1 / 13 Boost Your Sex Drive With 12 Healthy Foods Forget champagne, dark chocolate and oysters. These are the new aphrodisiac foods that will improve your libido, increase blood circulation to your genitals, promote relaxation, and help you to enjoy sex more. Bonus – they fit perfectly […]

Career Tips From The Oval Office

The moment Barack Obama took up residence at the White House, all eyes were on him. “The higher you go, the more you’re on stage,” says Michael Watkins, author of The  First 90 Days. Same goes for you in a new job. Learn from the US presidents so you can […]

Upgrade Your Bed And Enjoy The Best Sleep Ever

Getting quality sleep – at least six to seven hours every night – can help prevent cancer, high blood pressure, and even promote weight loss, says a recent study carried in the Harvard Heart Letter, a publication of Harvard Medical School. But what can you do to ensure that you’re getting superior […]

What Types Of Undershirts Should You Wear?

Your need for an undershirt should depend on the weather and the occasion. Obviously, the more buttoned-up the situation — whether it’s work or winter travel — the more an undershirt makes sense. Undershirts are useful if you want to want to smooth out the bulges or if you tend […]

How To Deal With Rude Doctors

By Christa Sgobba Your obnoxious doctor might not just be a pain to make small-talk with: He or she also might be putting your health at risk, new research out of Vanderbilt University suggests. The researchers crunched data on outcomes from over 32,000 patients who underwent surgical procedures at seven […]