Train Like A Strongman (350kg Tyre Not Required)

Total-body Strongman workouts are beneficial – even if you’ve no plans to flip 350kg tyres or pull 6-tonne firefighting vehicles at Strongman competitions. The tricky thing is, you’re not likely to find the hardware needed for such training – think prowlers, pipes and monster truck tyres – at your regular […]

22 Romantic Gestures That Improve Any Relationship

Loading posts… You don’t need fancy vacations or public declarations of adoration to make your relationship rock solid. “It’s not the big things that make a marriage great, but rather the random acts of kindness that follow the golden rule of relationships: Do unto your partner as your partner would like you […]

6 Moves To Supercharge Your Metabolism

Loading posts… No matter what exercise you choose, there’s only so much fat you can burn during a 30-minute workout – or long run. In contrast, the jiggly stuff on your tummy has opportunities aplenty to double in size, no thanks to the long hours you spend on your office […]

The Simple Post-Workout Meal

Clockwise from left: CANNED TUNA How much? A small tin (100g), mashed Why? “Besides being an excellent source of muscle-building protein (almost half of your recommended dietary allowance or RDA), tuna has bone-strengthening vitamin D,” says Anita Bean, nutritionist and author of The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition. It’s also […]

Can Fruit Sugar Hurt Your Weight Loss Or Health?

Illustration: Shutterstock Oats, sweet potatoes, fruit, and added sugar are very different forms of carbohydrates, but they all find themselves lumped together as “evil.” They’re flatly dismissed by some experts and banned from many popular diets. But can fruit, Mother Nature’s sweet treat, really hurt your waistline or even your […]

Being Single: Here's Why It Will Make You Happier

Being Single: Why It Might Be Better Off Than Getting Married Valentine’s day is approaching, you don’t have a girlfriend or even a date. Don’t need to be envious, or feel that you’re lonely. After all, you could be better off being single. According to an article published in Independent, […]