Bikram Vs Hot Vs Regular Yoga: Which Is Better?

Yoga has many health benefits, but what’s the difference between bikram, hot, and regular yoga? Is one actually better? Yoga has taken the world by storm. Nowadays, there’s some strange new form of yoga anywhere you look – Beer Yoga, Cat Yoga, Naked Yoga… Even Laughter Yoga. But when it comes […]

Dating Online: Why More Guys Are Doing It

Dating Online: Why More Guys Are Doing It More men are signing up for dating services, a trend that observers say reflects a growing openness to seeking help in romance. Although specific figures are hard to come by, 10 of the 13 dating agencies accredited by the Social Development Network […]

8 Crossfit Exercises For Beginners To Get Fitter

Wanna get fitter? These classic crossfit exercises for beginners will get your heart pumping and your fat burning in no time. For the uninitiated, Crossfit is a strength and conditioning programme that involves constantly varied, functional movements – lifting, climbing, rowing, sprinting, and more – done at high intensity. To […]

5 Ways To Stay In Shape At A Desk Job

Loading posts… 1 / 6 Is Your Job Making You Fat? When you are chained to your desk, your fingers might be the only part of your body that is actually getting a workout. Also, if you are working in a high-pressure environment, you could wind up snacking more to […]