Getting Dizzy When Standing Up: Why It Happens

Have you ever gotten up too quickly from your chair and suddenly feel light-headed? That dreaded feeling where you’re disoriented and lose your sense of balance has happened to nearly everyone before, and there’s a good explanation for it. According to an article in Time magazine, scientists have called this […]

What Is The Best Way To Clean Your Ears?

There’s no getting around it: Sticking an ear pick in your ear feels pretty damn good. But despite the feel-good rush it brings, doctors really, really want you to stop sticking ear picks, toothpicks, car keys, and pretty much anything else in that orifice. As good as it feels, cleaning your […]

How To Deal With Sunburn

The damage is done. You’ve allowed your skin to seared by copious amounts of damaging solar radiation. There’s no quick fix for the red, angry problem. But here’s how to soothe the pain.   Dab Some Aloe The thick, clear gel inside the aloe vera plant contains a chemical called […]