Photo: Pixabay

Perform this flab-busting session once a day, five times a week, and listen to your muscles. If you’re overly stiff, you’re pushing too hard. However, always rein in the resistance rather than skip sessions.

1. Warm-up (5 minutes)
Gradually elevate your heart rate on a bike or cross-trainer. Aim for 4 to 5 on an effort scale of 1 to 10.
2. Interval 1: Bike (2 minutes)
Pick a resistance level that allows you to maintain your speed between 95 and 105 rpm. It should be challenging enough that you’re counting down the last 10 seconds.
3. Walking recovery (1 minute)
All intervals must be followed by recovery. Walk on the treadmill at 4km/h. Carry dumbbells if desired, to keep your upper body engaged.
4. Interval 2: Row (2 minutes)
Go almost all out – 9 or 10 on the scale – for 500m, which should take you roughly 2 minutes. Focus on your technique, the quality of each stroke and your power output, not how quickly you can go back and forth.
5. Walking recovery (1 minute)
You’ve earned it, so enjoy another walk at 4km/h. Bring your heart rate down and prepare yourself for the next interval. Use dumbbells as required.
6. Interval 3: Cross-trainer (2 minutes)
Aim for 500m. You should feel like you’re working hard but have control at all times, so about 7 or 8 effort here.
7. Walking recovery (1 minute)
You know what to do here. Concentrate on sucking in oxygen with controlled, long breaths at this stage. You’re halfway through. Dumbbells optional.
8. Repeat the circuit
Jump on the bike and go through it again. If the first was too hard, bring the resistance on the machines down. Too easy? Push the levels up, but only a touch. Make sure you always finish with the final walk on the treadmill.