Why Men Overeat When Dining With Women

According to researchers, men tend to overeat in front of women, and here's the reason.

By Ali Eaves

Guys will go to great lengths to impress a woman—that’s no surprise. But here’s a courting tactic we were previously unfamiliar with: Men eat more when women are around, a new study from Cornell University finds. 

Researchers stealthily observed people at an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet. The guys who were dining with women ate three slices on average—nearly twice what the guys who were eating with other men consumed.

It’s a form of showing off to the ladies, the researchers say. Like a peacock’s feathers or a mating dance. 

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Now, we hadn’t heard that a mouthful of pepperoni was the key to a woman’s heart. So we posed the question to our friends at Women’s Health. 

Of the 1,500 readers who responded to our poll, 56 percent confirmed that, yes, stuffing your face with pizza is sexy. 

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Who knew?

The takeaway: If you're trying to watch your weight or don't want to overindulge, just be aware of this tendency. Skip the buffet on your next date, and hit up a pizza joint where you can order by the slice instead.

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