What Zubin Percy, Singaporean 400m Sprinter, Eats For Breakfast

Carbs or protein, which is better? Zubin Percy, Singapore's current national record holder for the 400m sprints, shares his diet.

What's for breakfast today?

A 6 egged French toast, together with a glass of freshly squeezed cucumber and beetroot juice.

Reasons for your choice of breakfast?

It has a good mix of protein and complex carbohydrates, which is a perfect start to my day; breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

What do you normally take for lunch and dinner, and why?

As a 400m runner, carbs is a must for every meal. Lunch would normally consist of garlic pasta, with a salmon fillet on the side. Dinner would be brown rice with grilled chicken and a vegetable stir fry on the side. Throughout the day, I try to have bananas as they're known to be an Athletes Best Friend. I carry energetic bars to snack on when I'm on the way to practice.

Any beverages you don’t drink?

I generally stay away from soft drinks, as they generally contain quite a bit of sugar and empty calories. 

Any food you don’t consume?

Fast food in general, i.e. Burgers, pizzas and fried food.

Some professional tips for an athlete’s diet?

Your body is like a car. For it to work to its optimum, you need to put good fuel in it. Just because food is healthy doesn’t mean it can't be yummy. Have fun with it. I personally have one cheat day for the week (Sunday) where I give myself one meal for a good fix and motivation to start the week.

Of course, when I’m off-season, indulging in a bit of McDonalds is that treat I give myself.

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