What Timothee Yap, Singaporean 100m Sprinter, Eats For Breakfast

Cereal, bread, or healthy biscuits? Singapore’s Olympic 100m sprinter, Timothee Yap, prefers a local favourite known as YTF.

What's for breakfast today? 

I had a bowl of Yong Tau Foo with noodles and a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice. 

Reasons for your choice of breakfast?

When I don’t train in the morning, I normally try to have a heavier breakfast. I enjoy having something warm and soupy in the morning to warm up and activate my body.

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I don’t really like eating bread in the morning as it is pretty dry. Normally after waking up, the body needs more fluid intake.

In the mornings, I usually have to go to school for classes first, so having a scrumptious breakfast really ensures that I start the day on a good note! 

What do you normally take for lunch and dinner, and why? 

Lunch is when I eat the least because I usually train in the early afternoon around 3pm, and I don’t want to feel so bloated or full.

So for me, lunch could just be a serving of rice, noodles, or even a sandwich!

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On the other hand, dinner is my heaviest meal of the day, mainly because of the “post-training” hunger, and because the body needs more nutrients to recover from training.

So for dinner, I would normally have lots of carbs, lots of meat, lots of vegetables and fruits!

Any food or beverages you don’t consume? 

Alcohol, McDonald's, KFC, or any kind of fast food.

Some professional tips for an athlete’s diet?

Eat as much as you train. If you train hard, you deserve to eat more! Take for instance, Michael Phelps’ 12,000 calorie diet.

Also, try to eat everything proportionately and have a balanced meal with all the necessary food groups.

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