What Shanti Pereira, Singaporean 100m And 200m Gold Medalist, Eats For Breakfast

Fruits, energy bars, and even... chocolate? Shanti Pereira, Singaporean 100m And 200m Gold Medalist, shares her diet.

What's for breakfast today? 

Two slices of toasted bread, two eggs done sunny side up, and ham. Sometimes I would have a small bowl of cereal. Either cookie crisps or koko crunch, and milo or juice. 

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Reasons for your choice of breakfast?

This is a pretty typical breakfast especially on days that I am racing. It’s an awesome energy boost for training or competing.

It really helps because I tend to take a while to ‘wake up’ in the mornings, and this breakfast is a great way to do just that! 

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What do you usually take for lunch and dinner, and why?

The most important components in any meal of mine is a good mix of carbo, protein and fibre. For lunch, my go-to or typical comfort food is a plate of chicken rice or char siew rice because it gives me what I need. Plus, it tastes good! 

For dinner, I usually have a home cooked meal that my mother prepares. She cooks variations of beef, chicken, pork, and fish, and are usually accompanied with rice, but not too much at night.

On competition days, my meals are slightly different. If my race is at 2pm for example, it means I need to warm up at 12pm and have digested my food by then. So I would take a big breakfast like the one mentioned above. If the race is later, I wake up earlier, I have a small breakfast and 2 hours later I have lunch that my mum would usually prepare. 

Fruits and energy bars are also great snacks! I even have chocolate once in a while! 

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Any food or beverages you don’t consume? 

I try not to consume too much carbonated drinks such as coke, and fast food too (McDonald's, Burger King, etc. Unless it's a cheat day!). 

Your professional tips for an athlete’s diet?

Honestly, I do not have a very strict diet. I just focus on a proper carbo and protein intake and a moderate level of antioxidants in fruits and vegetables.

I take all foods in moderate amounts. An important thing to remember is to have fun with it and enjoy the meals you are eating. Another thing I like to do is to reward myself with a cheat day. I take cheat days especially after a very hard training phase because I feel like I deserve it. And believe me, everyone does!

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